Body mod addict called ‘Human Satan’ wants claws for hands after removing finger

A man has been branded "Human Satan" due to his extreme body modifications – and has no plans to stop.

Michel Faro Praddo, from Praia Grande in Brazil, has spent 25 years covering 85% of his skin in tattoos.

He's also honed his devilish appearance by getting horns implanted into his forehead.

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In recent years, the 44-year-old went under the knife to get his nose, nipples, ears and belly button removed.

And now, he wants to turn his hands into claws.

Michel hacked off his ring finger – but he still doesn't think he's made his hands look wild enough.

He is now planning to turn them into claws by getting his index and middle fingers stuck together.

Instead of fearing the grisly operation, "Human Satan" is looking forward to it.

It's been a while since he's been under the knife because he's been focusing on his fitness in recent months.

He explained: "I'm passionate about bodybuilding, and when I make the changes, I can't move much until the end of recovery. Now, I'm studying to do something more aggressive."

Getting his ears removed has spurred him to get more work done.

Previously, Michel said: "I am always thirsty for body modification and I had to stop for a few months for personal issues, but then our Mexican friend and Modifier Gattoo Moreno came to visit Brazil and he offered to do a new modification…

"I chose to remove my ears and it was a very exciting experience because I felt I was rescuing something in myself, actually rescuing a part of my personality that others had put in a coma.

“I felt like I was coming back to life, and now I want more and more extreme body modification.”

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Michel shares his love for body modification with his wife Carol Praddo, who he's been in a relationship with for a decade.

She is known as 'Mulher Demonia' (Demon Woman) due to her dramatic appearance.


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