Bud Lite Seeks 'Hero' Who Refused to Drop Beers to Catch World Series Home Run

“This man is a hero.”

What is a World Series home run ball worth? Apparently not as much as two stadium price beers, at least for one man.

Bud Lite is looking for the "hero" who refused to drop his beverages when a Yordan Alvarez-smashed homer made a bee-line right at him on Sunday night.

A replay showed the Washington Nationals fan, double-fisting a pair of tall cans, watching as the ball sailed over the wall and into the crowd.

But instead of sacrificing his drinks, he showed the deft touch of a pro soccer player, controlling the baseball on his chest and bringing it down to his feet, where he subsequently claimed it at his leisure.

"This man is a hero," the official Bud Lite account tweeted. "Twitter please figure out who this guy is so we can reward him. #WorldSeries."

The fan was later identified as Jeff Adams, who boasted that the ball didn’t even hurt… because it was struck by the Houston Astros.

"It was fantastic," he told WUSA9 after the game. "I was sitting down, my wife went upstairs to get some food … all of a sudden the ball got hit, I had two beers in my hand, the ball was coming, I watched it, angled, put my chest down, that was it."

While Bud Lite didn’t specify exactly what his reward would be, when one fan suggested "buds for life, make it happen", the company replied "Oh we will."

Adams almost had a second home run ball to go with his two beers, too; replays show he was just inches away from catching another home run later that same game.

Sadly for Adams, his Nats have thrown away a 2-0 World Series lead to trail 3-2 to the Astros, and now need to win both remaining games to give the state its first title since 1924.

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