Call for fireworks to be banned ahead of Bonfire Night to protect pets

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Humane Society International has urged revellers to make the “small sacrifice” in a bid to reduce the suffering of millions of animals.

Executive director Claire Bass said: “As people delight in bright colours lighting up the skies, thousands of owners try to comfort their dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals who feel threatened and overwhelmed by the unpredictable booms and crackles.

“Each year we hear from devastated owners of furry companions who have literally been scared to death.”

A third more dogs were marked as missing by their owners during the two weeks in November 2021 that saw Bonfire Night and Diwali take place, compared to the following two weeks.

A petition, backed by the Daily Express, is calling for the tighter regulation of fireworks to prevent needless suffering.

It has been signed by more than a million people.

Nearly half of owners polled said their dog was scared of fireworks.

Mark Beazley, chief executive at The Kennel Club, said: “Our statistics show there really are devastating and long-term consequences.”

Tango’s fatal fear of fireworks

Claire Buchanan is urging a firework sales ban after her horse was scared to death on New Year’s Eve.

Tango died “in agony” due to fear-induced colic.

Claire, 45, was woken at midnight by fireworks set off by revellers at a rented cottage near her farm at Keith, Moray.

The offshore worker, who cares for a number of animals with her husband, checked the stables and found Tango “kicking chunks out of the wall”.

She added: “Within an hour he was lying in the field in agony kicking and biting his stomach.”

A vet had to put the 21-yearold gelding down.

Claire said: “A lack of legislation and virtually non-existent or meaningful powers by agencies to tackle private firework displays is causing immeasurable harm to animals and people.”

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