Uni bans laptops so student brings typewriter – all class can hear is ding

A student has left his classmates in stitches when he turned up in class – with a massive typewriter.

The hilarious "stunt" came as his mechanical engineering professor banned students using laptops during class, so he came up with an ingenious idea to help him take notes.

Videos taken inside Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany shows the young man typing slowly on the typewriter.

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The sound travels all the way to the end of the auditorium and the professor gets interrupted by the loud typing sound.

He stutters: "What is it? Umm?"

The student pauses but the typewriter hits a "ding" sound when the paper reaches the end.

The class burst into laughter before the professor continues.

"I love how he just kept typing," one said and a second wrote: "Modern problems sometimes require…outdated solutions."

"I can't imagine my lecturers making life harder for us, laptops are the only way I can make sure my notes are legible," a third added.

A fourth who claimed to be in the same lesson commented: "I was there, just a couple of rows to the right!"

When asked what was the professor's reaction, he replied: "He just had a laugh and said to put it away."

Meanwhile in the Philippines, college students were asked to wear "anti-cheating" devices to prevent them from catching sight of classmates’ exam papers.

And they came up with some brilliant ideas – using paper egg trays and loo rolls as makeshift headgears that blocked their vision from the side.

The interesting designs went viral online and the teachers said the method had been "really effective".


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