Chrissy Teigen’s hairstylist shares six ways to wave your hair using straighteners

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Thanks to her Hollywood-heavy client list, Jen Atkin has become one of the most in demand hairstylists in the business, with millions of people following her on Instagram for hair hacks and inspiration.

Jen, who also styles the Kardashian sisters’ locks, recently took to her TikTok account to give us a video we were so desperately in need of – how to use a hair straightener to create a whole load of different styles.

In the video, Jen showcases six different styles of curls and waves that can be made with just a few adjustments to the way you hold and twist the styler – so this is the perfect tutorial for those of us that have previously struggled to use it for anything other than straightening.

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To see just how simple each of the six styles are to create, beauty writer Akesha Reid gave them all a go…

Akesha says

TikTok is an absolute cave for beauty hacks and tutorials. I have been sucked into trying things that appear easy, and before I know it, I’m watching the 30-second video for the 100th time and am still none the wiser. It’s a dangerous game.

But this quick tutorial from hair guru Jen seemed easier than your average hack, so I was willing to give it a go. In her video, Jen uses the Dyson Corrale straightener, £399 here, but I don’t own that so I used my trusty ghd Platinum+, £189 here.

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First up was the beach wave. It was pretty simple to do and probably gave me false confidence in my competency at styling hair. Starting by turning your hand outwards, you rotate it in and out twice as you pass the straightener down each section. Easiness? 8/10

The spiral wave is your traditional “princess” kind of curl and you do it by flicking your section outwards and bringing the straightener down as it’s twisted to create a bouncy wave. The trick is just sure you have it the right angle. Easiness? 7/10

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For the mermaid wave you use the same technique as the beach wave but with double the amount of hand turns. This created more of a crimped look, which is definitely not going to be for everybody. Easiness? 8/10

Ok, Jen’s “sleek and straight” look is literally just passing the straighteners over your hair so if you can’t nail this technique then the others might be a struggle. One great tip: if you are straightening from curls, use a tail comb to chase the straightener – it works a treat for a sleek look. Easiness? 10/10

This TikTok curl trick had to be my favourite of the bunch. You take a section and simply wrap around a pencil or chopstick (nothing plastic or it’ll melt!) and then press the straightener onto it. When you remove the pencil you’re left with a super tight curl. Easiness? 9/10

And lastly, the disco wave. This was the hardest wave to do, but brushed out it would create unrivalled texture if you are looking for a 70s vibe. I’m most definitely not. To create this look you need a bobby pin that’s been prised open, and you begin by wrapping the hair around the pin, weaving it in and out.

When you get to the end, clamp the straighteners around it then unravel. It’s a lot harder than it looks! Easiness? 3/10

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