Christmas dinners ruined by 'rancid' gone off turkeys from Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury's

FURIOUS customers have complained their Christmas dinners were ruined by turkeys which turned out to be "rotten".

Birds for the big day from top supermarkets were found to be green, slimy and stinky by some unlucky families on December 25.

Outraged customers took to Twitter to complain about finding "disgusting" gone off turkeys with an "unbearable stench" as they prepared to cook their Christmas dinner.

"Our turkey is green and smells rancid" one customer told Tesco, sharing a picture of the ruined dinner table centrepiece.

Another furious Tesco shopper said: "Absolutely fuming thanks so very much for a ruined Christmas day removed our turkey crown that I brought yesterday from its [w]rapper to a horrible pungent smell, the turkey is off so thanks a bunch."

A third Tesco shopper was left fuming after cooking the bird and discovering part of it was green when carving the bird.

The unfortunate chef said: "Absolutely fuming that our Christmas has been ruined by a rotten turkey we paid £50 for.

"After such a difficult year when we could finally celebrate with our family again, this has spoilt what should have been a brilliant day."

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Shoppers shared a similar problem with their turkey from Sainsbury's: "We now have no turkey for our dinner, rancid, brown and stinks!"

"Turkey crown is rancid despite being in date. They'll be getting a Sternly Worded Email from me tomorrow. Guess it's just sprouts and booze for us today!" said another.

A third customer aid: "disgusting turkey gone off before end date but closed today! Can I get a refund tomorrow it’s made the whole fridge stink and ruined the Xmas dinner all we had was veg and potatoes."

Some Aldi customers also experienced similar issues, with rancid birds despite the label saying the item was still in date.

"So disappointed to open my turkey from Cardiff Bay store and see that it is rotten and smells absolutely rancid

A second Aldi shopper said: "Really disappointed to find our turkey with a best before date of 26 December was rancid when we came to cook it. Veggie Christmas dinner for us."

A third tweeted: "Aldi has just ruined my Christmas East anglian roly poly bronze whole turkey is rotten and slimy the stench is unbearable we've got no turkey on Christmas day."

Last year Aldi shoppers complained they were left with a "stomach turning" stench on Christmas Eve.

Tesco replied to some unhappy customers on Twitter apologising for the disappointment and advising them to return the turkey packaging to a store customer service desk with the receipt.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "We are looking into a handful of cases where customers have reported their turkey does not meet our high quality standards."

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We are sorry that a small number of our products did not meet our usual high standards.

"If customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return items to their local store with proof of purchase for a full refund.”

If you buy something that is faulty then you can usually return the item for a refund, and that applies to food too.

Meanwhile shoppers said Christmas was RUINED after Yodel and Hermes failed to deliver parcels on time for Christmas Day.

And some supermarket shoppers said their Christmas was spoiled by bizarre substitutions in their Xmas grocery deliveries – with turkey swapped for cod.

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