Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper says London is 'f****** awful'

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper says he’ll never leave the countryside despite having 1 million Instagram followers, as London is ‘f****** awful’ and he doesn’t own a passport

  • Kaleb Cooper, 23, from Chipping Norton, is the unlikely star of Clarkson’s Farm
  • He shot to fame after starring in the Amazon Prime series with Jeremy Clarkson
  • Viewers have enjoyed watching the working relationship between them blossom
  • Now despite his immense fame, Kaleb has sworn to never leave the countryside 

Kaleb Cooper, from hit Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm says he will never leave the countryside, despite having amassed a huge fan base including 1 million Instagram followers.

The 23-year-old, who has become the unlikely star of Jeremy Clarkson’s fly on the wall documentary about his farm in the Cotswolds, has become immensely popular thanks to down-to-Earth manner.       

As he has helped the former Top Gear presenter and amateur farmer get to grips with his 1,000 acre Diddly Squat farm in Oxfordshire, the pair have become a popular TV double act. 

Despite being the less senior of the two, Kaleb is regularly seen giving his boss Jeremy a dressing down, and has even claimed he is in charge of the operation.

Now, born and bred in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, a small town with a population of just 6,337, Kaleb says he never wants to leave, despite his immense success. 

Kaleb Cooper (pictured), the unlikely star of Clarkson’s Farm, says that despite his immense success, he has no plans to leave the countryside

Viewers have enjoyed watching the working relationship develop between Jeremy Clarkson, 61, (pictured, left) and his 23-year-old farm hand Kaleb Cooper (pictured, right)

Speaking to The Times magazine this weekend, he revealed the furthest he has ever travelled from his village is London, which he has visited three times, and hated, describing it as ‘f****** awful’.

Speaking to the magazine about going to Stow-on-the-Wold, which is 18 miles away from Chipping Norton, he said: ‘I got a nosebleed when we went to Stow.’

The prospect of travelling abroad is even less likely, as the farming expert does not currently own a passport. 

The farm hand, who last year had a baby son Oscar with his partner Taya, Ieft school at 16 and did four years as an apprentice on a cow farm before moving to Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm to drive tractors.   

Kaleb was brought onto the programme as they needed a tractor driver. Despite his initial nerves, the 23-year-old quickly seemed to grow in confidence, regularly branding former Top Gear host Jeremy a ‘f***ing idiot’ – and being called a ‘rural halfwit’ in return.

Speaking about his co-star, Kaleb has said: ‘He never listens to me. I tell him to do one thing and he does the complete opposite. I get very annoyed when he messes up. That is genuine.’

He says he was never intimidated by the TV because ‘I knew what I was doing and he didn’t’. 

But underneath the jokes there is a genuine friendship between the pair, with Kaleb adding: ‘We just laugh all the time, our banter and sense of humour are very much the same. He’s a great chap.’  

Kaleb says when he gets annoyed with Jeremy Clarkson onscreen, it is genuine, as he gets ‘annoyed’ when his older co-star messes up

However according to Kaleb, he has a genuine friendship with Jeremy Clarkson (pictured) who he has called ‘a great chap’

Following the success of Clarkson’s Farm, which debuted in 2021, he has built an army of 1 million Instagram fans, and has been tipped for his own TV career.

And despite his aversion to foreign travel, he admits he would even consider going on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. 

Speaking about a potential television career to ITV’s This Morning last year, he said: That’s a very big question and I’m not really too sure how to answer that. In terms of TV, I’ve loved it. 

‘I picked it up so quickly and the crew we had here – I got on with them so well. The camera man is here now laughing going ‘yea, yea, yea’.

‘Personally I would love to [do more TV] but as long as it’s included in the farming side of stuff. I wouldn’t want to do anything that isn’t farming.’

When asked about a reality show, he said: ‘No not Love Island. Maybe I’m A Celebrity. I’d be good on that. But I’m not sure to be honest. We’ll see what the future holds.’  

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