Killing Eves Jodie Comer explains why she dropped out of Ridley Scott movie Impossible

BBC hit series 'Killing Eve' preview ahead of final series launch

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Jodie Comer, 29, has starred in the globally-loved BBC series Killing Eve since 2018, but the current series will be the last in the show. The actress has starred in several other recent dramas, such as the 2021 film Help. In a change of pace, her next role will be a one-woman play called Prima Facie where she stars as a barrister. In order to take part though, she had to drop out of Scott’s upcoming film, Napoleon.

Explaining her decision, the Villanelle star said: “That decision was actually taken out of my hands.

“The scheduling kept changing, and I was always committed to the play.

“So it came to a point where it was impossible to do both.”

“I never got into this for the paycheque. I’m going to grow so much from this experience,” she added.

Jodie went on: “Sometimes opportunities present themselves and you’re like, ‘if I say no, it will be purely out of fear’.

“If I said no to this because I was scared and then they announced another actress, I’d want to punch myself in the face.”

Prima Facie tells the story about a barrister who defends rapists, but soon becomes a victim of rape herself.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Jodie continued to explain how she had dived into research for the role.

“Because Napoleon fell through, I’ve had this time to speak to people who have been so open and honest, which has been amazing,” she told the publication.

“They care so much about what they’re doing, but it’s very evident that the system doesn’t work for women.

“If a woman reports being raped, it’s her who’s on trial.

“She’s given this burden of responsibility to prove what happened,” she explained.

Jodie has also signed up to another post-Killing Eve role. Based on the book by Jen Beagin, Comer will take on the role of the protagonist in Big Swiss.

In the HBO drama, Jodie could be taking on a similar role to her Killing Eve character.

The series follows Flavia, who begins to anonymously transcribe sex therapy sessions before becoming obsessed with one of the patients.

What follows is an explosive and consuming relationship between the two.

According to Deadline, the show is set to be a limited series in development at HBO.

The series will be one of the first major roles Jodie will take on following popular black comedy Killing Eve.

Since launching on BBC in 2018, the spy thriller has become a popular series, with fans across the globe gripped by its unpredictable twists and Villanelle’s hilarious persona.

The series continued for season two in 2019 before series three began in May 2020.

The fourth and final series is currently on screens being shown in weekly instalments.

Killing Eve continues on Sunday at 9.15pm on BBC One.

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