Convicted murderer is too cute, internet declares, should be sprung early

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Mama, I’m in love with a criminal — said everyone on TikTok.

Cameron Herrin, sentenced to 24 years in prison in Tampa, Florida, in April for vehicular homicide, has been determined “too cute” to be locked up.

Three months into the 21-year-old’s jail stint, TikTok and Twitter users flooded the platforms with support for Herrin.

On TikTok, supporters of Herrin jumped to make fan accounts to pay homage to their hot felon. Some users made highlight reels of Herrin’s hottest moments in court, tagged with #justiceforcameron.

Herrin, a TikTok creator himself, has amassed 2 million followers on his verified account, despite not having any published content while behind bars.

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Hannah Kosh, a popular TikTok user, uploaded an explainer video of the bizarre cult following of Herrin, detailing the fan base he has accumulated in only a few months.


“You’re too cute,” wrote one user featured in her video among a sea of other comments expressing dismay at the “harsh” sentence.

The Tampa Bay Times spoke to Herrin’s mother about the newfound craze of her son, which she said is “almost like an obsession, an unhealthy obsession.” According to the outlet, Twitter suspended 900 accounts that created content about Herrin for violating community guidelines, which resulted in the disappearance of approximately 90,000 tweets.

Experts the Times spoke to were suspicious that some of the so-called fan accounts might want to use hot ticket topics to gain a following to then disseminate false or misleading information. They believed this specifically because many of the social media users who wanted “justice” for Herrin were traced back to the Middle East, and at times, his name wasn’t even spelled correctly.

Nonetheless, despite the social outcry across various platforms, it’s probable Herrin will remain in prison for the duration of his sentence.

Herrin was charged with vehicular homicide after killing Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt, 24, and her daughter, Lillia, who was only 20 months old. He hit them with his Ford Mustang when racing another car in Florida in 2018 and later pleaded guilty in court.

The 24-year-long sentence, given by was the judge overseeing Herrin’s hearing, was calculated based on Herrin’s past of reckless driving and speeding.

Herrin is not the first heartthrob con to send pulses racing. Jeremy Meeks, dubbed “Hot Felon,” landed himself modeling gigs and a movie job thanks to his steamy mug shot.

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