Daily horoscope for November 4: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Wednesday’s horoscope is primarily influenced by the Gemini Moon’s final few hours. Earth’s natural satellite forms a Trine with Mercury Direct during the middle of the working week.

Trines occur in astrology when the positive aspects of a pair of celestial bodies are approximately 120 degrees apart.

Some suggest you can consequently expect a little bit of a flurry coming your way today.

Incidents can possibly include a nugget of good news arriving in your inbox.

Or maybe you get to digest some good gossip as Wednesday starts to warm-up.

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But whatever the exact specifics, you can feel confident positive information should come to light during this period.

And when it arrives, our lunar orb will go void, leaving people with much of the day to digest whatever is on your mind.

Today’s Gemini Moon is famously thirsty for information and you will most likely be ravenous for news too.

Data consumption, involving eagerly scrolling through the US election results, may be a number one priority for a while – but not for long.

Astrologers agree this will only last until you receive that crucial bit of information you have lusted after.

Once this datum is digested, many folks might be ready to turn their attention closer to home.

Then, as the truncated days transform to dusk, the pockmarked silver orb suddenly switches into star sign Cancer.

This move may make you a little less interested in current affairs and cause your attention to turn towards any neglected loved ones.

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Tonight’s transition to Cancer has long been known to have an adverse effect on appetites – in this instance for news.

But just bear in mind much of the day may involve an almost-interminable stretch of idle chit-chat.

Experts estimate as much as eight hours will be left in the day for you to properly relax with loved ones.

Why not fill this valuable time diplomatically articulating your views, and probe to satisfy your curiosity?

The Moon eventually goes void in Gemini, leaving little need to pass that point.

All in all, just have fun, especially in light of a particularly intense US election night.

The best bet is to allow the Cancer Moon to nourish you with good food and friends to help soothe any frayed nerves.

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