Daily horoscope for September 23: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Wednesday’s horoscope finds Mercury in Libra creating a Square with Saturn in Capricorn. A Square is an aspect thought to reveal the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life.

Astrologers agree the middle of the working week is, therefore, an ideal opportunity to get things done.

And now may be well be a great time to conduct serious conversations.

Perhaps a certain person needs to be told exactly where the line needs to be drawn.

Or maybe they are so apoplectic with anger they are unable to see the woods from the trees?

Whatever the explanation, Wednesday is a moment to get some proper perspective.

The messenger planet Mercury’s aspect with the ringed beauty Saturn results in this being no time to flail about.

Guidance may be required for a fair negotiation, while an authority might be needed to clearly set-out what your rights and obligations are.

As a result, consider this a time to get your affairs in order, regardless of how unpleasant this may be.

This cosmic combination between Mercury and Saturn is widely-considered to be sending a sombre message.

But you have no other option but to work around it.

This is also an advance warning Mercury will go Retrograde this month.

Mercury Retrograde means you may most likely have to revisit any issues that rear their heads today.

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Because of this, astrologers think the best idea is to proceed with care this Wednesday.

The Sagittarius Moon creates a Conjunction with the South Lunar Node.

A Conjunction takes place when cosmic bodies travel towards one another in the zodiac.

You can therefore assume an old matter coming to light as the day starts to fade.

The star sign Sagittarius is well-known to be a free spirit.

This influence means you could find yourself rebelling at these restrictions.

But the good news is the Moon crosses over the eclipse points during the end of play this Wednesday.

This innovative aspect is capable of providing a proactive solution to any of your problems.

Earth’s nearest neighbour Mars and the Fire planets Venus and Mercury are on hand to help make some progress.

But this is only the case if everyone is clear on the rules.

That is what Mercury and Saturn are so important this Wednesday.

So a good idea is to set some ground rules because this is gonna take a while.

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