Doctor shares really important steps to replenish face and avoid dry and dull skin

Trinny Woodall reveals her morning skincare routine

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Dr Marine Vincent is a French, London-based doctor in pharmacy and founder of The French Pharmacy. French people are known for purchasing everything for their skin in pharmacies – and Dr Vincent wanted to bring a little of that French pharmacy magic to the UK.

The doctor explained: “Apart from SPF, which is as essential as drinking water during those hot days, the skin is suffering during and after summer months.

“Hot weather, sweating, aircon, sun and wind aren’t gentle on our skin barrier.

“We, French girls, buy nearly all our skincare from pharmacies, which makes sense especially when we are talking about extreme weather.

“What better products than well formulated to repair and soothe sensitive skin. Those are my key essential skincare to treat your skin well.”

Dr Vincent went on to reveal which products are best for one’s face and body during warmer months.

For the body, the doctor said: “Exfoliating isn’t probably the first thing popping in your head when thinking of summer skin routine, but with the build-up of sunscreen, sweat, and bacteria, we should exfoliate as normal.

“Twice a week with a gentle and moisturising exfoliator.

“Choose a scrub which, on top of helping remove dead cells, contains oil to moisturise and be gentle at the same time. This simple step will also help keep your tan even and last longer.”

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Moisturising is one of the most important things one can do to their skin to keep it supple and smooth.

Dr Vincent said: “When you expose your skin to the sun, it starts losing more water than it should, resulting in a dry and dull skin – not the best tan.

“So it’s really important to use a daily lotion to replenish moisture, help repair the skin barrier and prevent skin flaking.”

As for the face, Dr Vicent stressed the importance of cleansing, saying: “As we all agree summer hot weather is all about moisturising to keep skin hydrated, an oil or balm cleanser is a must have.

“Cleansing every morning and evening is essential and even more when you need to remove SPF, sweat, sea salt, and make up.

“Cleansers are one of the most important step to taking care of skin often neglected.

“Using a gentle, moistening and yet good cleanser, is the first thing to take care of your skin.”

Another product to include in your skincare routine is Niacinamide, Dr Vincent said.

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She continued: “I can’t see more perfect ingredients than Niacinamide for summer months.

“Great for dark spots, Niacinamide properties include: protecting the lipid barrier, retaining moisture, reducing inflammation, and protecting against damages causes by UV and oxidative stress.”

Lastly, Dr Vincent advised investing in a thermal water mist. She said: “We all keep a thermal water spray both in our fridge and handbag.

“First, a lovely fresh mist is pure bliss, but thanks to its composition it is rich in NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) it also essential to moisturise on the go to deplenish water from the skin.

“My favourite is the Uriage thermal water,” the doctor added.

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