Ex-Playboy bunny says Hugh Hefner ‘fake cried’ to get his way with Playmates

Playboy entrepreneur Hugh Hefner would “fake cry” in front of Playmates in order to get his way with them, his "ex girlfriends" claimed.

Hugh Hefner founded the Playboy empire in 1953, growing the business from clubs in Chicago into an illustrious magazine.

He eventually settled into the luxurious Playboy Mansion in LA where he lived surrounded by models.

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Hefner died aged 91 in 2017, and two of the tycoon’s ex-girlfriends have taken the opportunity to reveal some dark truths about life at the Mansion, claiming that they often felt “used like meat” during grim orgies in the master bedroom.

Now, speaking in an episode of their Girls Next Level podcast, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt have opened up about some of the manipulatory tactics Hefner allegedly employed to keep the women in line.

Holly explained: “Hef would fake cry when he was trying to get his way with a girl.

“If we were emotional about something or asking for something, he would start fake crying and it was such bad acting and so obvious.

“For the longest time I never talked to anybody about it because I thought maybe I was the only one noticing this… But I remember not long after Kendra [Wilkinson] moved in she goes, ‘does Hef fake cry? Because I was talking to him and he started fake crying’.”

Despite this, Holly admitted that she didn’t feel confident enough to address the strange tactic with most of the other housemates, leaving the model feeling like Hefner was “gaslighting” her to get his way.

“I was like, finally I know I’m not insane… It was insane how obvious it was and how bad the acting was, but you can’t say anything because he’s the one who has all the power in the relationship,” she continued.

“It was insanity and something I never would have expected from a cultural icon. I just had this idea in my mind of what I thought Hef was going to be based on what he’d accomplished and what I saw from a distance, and he’s a fake crier.”

This comes after the pair also spoke out about the expectation to sleep with Hefner, with Bridget revealing that the tycoon had only lasted “one minute” during their first night together.


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