Ex-Primark worker opens up about vicious treatment by angry shoppers aged 17

Most of us love a good browse around Primark even if we do often blow our budget doing so.

The cut-price retailer is great for picking up clothes, cosmetics and homeware at a super cheap price point.

But, it seems not every Brit is as enamoured with the store – mainly those that work there.

A former Primark employee has revealed that one encounter with a shopper still horrifies her to this day.

The woman was just 17 when she worked in Primark at weekends.

She explained in a viral video that she was “verbally assaulted over shape wear”.

The ex-staff member explained that a colleague came to her and said that a female customer had asked to speak specifically to the employee that looks after the underwear section.

Believing the lady needed a certain size, the employee went over and asked how she could help.

But, it seemed the woman was actually furious over not being able to find a specific shape wear which she believed Primark stocked.

Unfortunately, the retailer did not sell the item.

So, the employee told her politely that they had never stocked the product and suggested she had got the store mixed up.

The woman recalled: "It was like I had just offended her whole family.

"She started shouting at the top of her voice on the shop floor at me saying that it was in stock the other day when she came in.”

Despite the staff member offering to check in the back or call another shop the shopper’s attitude got worse.

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She continued: "She started screaming at me saying I couldn't do my job and it was all my fault.

"And then she started telling me how I didn't deserve my job at Primark."

She added: "I couldn't get a word in, and I started crying because I was 17 and I was emotional… she was shouting at me and telling me how worthless I was."

At this point, other customers and workers were looking over and some came to check if she was OK.

But, the bad treatment has stayed with her ever since, reports the Sun.

In the comments of the video one person wrote: "Can't we normalise throwing people out of the shop when they abuse staff?"

“OMG so sorry you had that happen,” added another.

A third said: “I'm sorry that she made you cry."

Daily Star has contacted Primark for comment.

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