From denim shirts to platform heels… check out supermarket style

Check out supermarket style: From designer-alike denim shirts to platforms perfect for a Christmas kitchen disco

  • The UK lockdown has hindered our ability to update our winter wardrobes
  • But supermarket chic is in full swing and is far more promising than expected
  • Here, we check out some of the best on offer for a fraction of big-brand prices

Had you told me five years ago that a trip to the supermarket would be the closest we’d get to retail therapy, my heart would have sunk. 

But this is 2020, and the fashion aisles are far more promising than you’d expect. While doing my shop at Sainsbury’s last week, my eye was caught by a denim shirt which had a similar vibe to one I’ve been dreaming about from Chloe. 

Was I hallucinating because I’ve been fashion deprived for too long? Or was this an absolute style steal (at the princely sum of £18, compared to £620 for Chloe’s version)? I did some asking around and it seems every major supermarket has upped the ante on its clothing range in recent months. 

Supermarket chic is in full swing and is far more promising than expected. Pictured: Coat, £45, F&F at Tesco; jeans, £16, Tu at Sainsbury’s; boots, £16, George at Asda

Denim shirt, £18, Tu at Sainsbury’s; jeans with belt, £22, F&F at Tesco; boots, £16, George at Asda (left) and Jumper with detachable collar, £22, F&F at Tesco; jeans, £16, Nutmeg at Morrisons; shoes, £49.50, M&S (right)

From Nutmeg at Morrisons to George at Asda, Tu at Sainsbury’s, Per Una at Marks & Spencer and F&F at Tesco, you can now get your hands on some seriously cool togs along with your loo roll. 

I never thought I could be tempted by supermarket denim, but the well-cut, loose-fitting mum jeans by F&F at Tesco look anything but mumsy, and I couldn’t resist adding some Morrisons leather-look skinnies to my shopping list. 

Even the very latest trends are covered — this M&S shacket and Tesco oversized collar jumper look like they’ve come straight off the catwalk. 

Shacket, £69, and cords, £39.50, M&S; jumper, £22, F&F at Tesco; trainers, £11, George at Asda

Blazer, £25, and jumper, £20, Tu at Sainsbury’s; skirt, £35, and shoes, £35, M&S

Coat, £45, F&F at Tesco; trousers, £16, Nutmeg at Morrisons; shirt, £16, and boots, £16, George at Asda (left) and Jumper, £20, and skirt, £22, Tu at Sainsbury’s; shoes, £35, M&S (right)

And you can keep the thought of parties alive with a kitchen disco in M&S’s glittery platform heels — these Miu Miu lookalikes are on every fashionista’s wish list. I have only one word of warning: when shopping at your local, pay particular attention to cut and fit. 

I’d recommend looking for structured or nipped-in pieces, such as this belted duvet coat from Tesco. 

And don’t worry if you’re avoiding the shops entirely. Almost all these supermarket offerings, with the exception of those from F&F at Tesco, can be found online, too. So go on, give yourself a little lockdown lift. 

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