From e-bikes to Apple Watches – cool gadgets to help you get fit in 2022

THE Christmas celebrations and joyfully unrestricted eating and drinking are over.

So, how about setting your New Year’s resolutions with fitness and health in mind?

Tech is here to help.

A tracker can tell you how many calories you’ve burnt, or remind you to stay active.

A more advanced device like a smartwatch can keep an eye on your heart rate and let you know if there’s anything concerning going on.

There are also cool gadgets, like the Oura smart ring which can tell you how you slept, for instance.

Maybe you want to cycle to work, but your commute is just too long?

In that case, an electric bike can help.

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Xiaomi Redmi Band Pro -£44.99 from

Xiaomi Redmi Band Pro can monitor more than 100 fitness activities and is waterproof to 50 metres

THIS tracker may look simple but it can monitor more than 100 fitness activities and is waterproof to 50 metres.

What’s more, it has real-time heart rate tracking and blood oxygen measuring.

All in a lightweight, affordable package.

Withings Sleep Analyzer £119 from or Currys

THIS is the best sleep tracker of all.

The pad stretches across the bed, under the mattress and monitors your movement and heartbeat to understand your sleep.

It is even designed to spot sleep apnoea.

Lumen, from £249 from

LUMEN is a small gadget that you breathe into (quite forcibly) and it tells you whether you’re burning mostly fat or carbs from your breath.

It gives you advice on how to train your metabolism to help you lose weight.

It’s simple and fascinating to use.

Google Nest Hub £59.99 from John Lewis

THE Nest Hub is a smart display.

It can analyse your sleep, but not through a camera: it uses a motion sensor and a microphone, though it also takes note of light and temperature.

Say, “Hey Google, how did I sleep?” and it’ll show you details of your night.

Withings Body Cardio bathroom scales £129.95 from the Apple Store

THESE scales are sensational. As well as telling you your weight, they can confirm body fat, water content and lots more.

They can also look at heart health, analysing your arteries.

They are smart enough to tell family members apart, and can recognise up to eight users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 From £269 at John Lewis

IT may not have all the apps or seamless interface of the Apple Watch, but Samsung’s watch has one unique extra: blood pressure monitoring.

You calibrate it once a month with a blood pressure cuff, then the watch will give you readings.

It also analyses body composition to calculate body fat, for example.

Oura Ring £225 from

THIS is a dazzlingly advanced smart ring.

It is light and discreet, with sensors measuring your heart rate, temperature and more.

Wear it at night and each morning it gives you a readiness score, so you know if today is when you should beef up your training.

Philips Sonicare Series 7900 Toothbrush £90 from Boots

A SONIC toothbrush is great for plaque removal and an advanced toothbrush like this one helps make sure you brush properly, with advanced sensors.

This is a great price, and several colours are available.

Fitbit Charge 5 £129.99 from Argos

THIS advanced tracker does much more than count how many calories you’re burning (although it does that too).

It can track your heart health and will even let you take an ECG, which can warn of atrial fibrillation.

There’s also a sensor to track your stress levels, sleep and more.

Ampler Stout £2,490 from

THIS is a blow-the-budget purchase, but when you glide up hills and start fast from standing, you’ll feel it’s worth it.

Unlike most e-bikes, the big batteries here are hidden in the frame.

A nippy ride and the built-in lights can be controlled on a smartphone app.

Apple Watch Series 7 From £369 at the Apple Store

APPLE’s is about the most advanced wearable around, with automatic notifications warning you if your heart rate isn’t what’s expected, ECG readings and blood oxygen monitoring.

It also offers access to Apple Fitness+, a subscription fitness service.

The Watch is an all-rounder, with comprehensive notifications, Apple Maps navigation, Apple Pay and more.

You can even set it so it unlocks your iPhone automatically if you’re wearing a mask.

Gym it

GYMS can help you lose lbs – but if you are not careful you can lose £s.

The New Year is a time when millions of people vow to get fit after indulging at Christmas.

So if you’re set on making the transition from couch potato to gym rat, here are ways to burn the calories without burning through all your money.

PAYG: If you have previous for being enthusiastic for a month and then giving up, try pay-as-you-go.

Gym pass dealer Hussle sells daily passes for over 2,700 gyms all over the UK – sometimes cheaper than buying direct.

Day passes on Hussle start from as little as £5.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Consider a no-frills gym. Fees are typically from £10-£20 per month and most let you cancel any time.

Pure Gym is the most popular, with 250 branches in the UK.

Memberships, which include classes, are around £15 to £50 per month depending on location.

The Gym has around 150 locations open 24/7 and costs from £13-£33 a month.

Another lower-cost option is Better, which has taken over many council-run leisure centres.

Memberships are generally £30 a month including gym, classes and swimming.

WORK OUT LIKE IT’S LOCKDOWN AGAIN: Spare rooms and living rooms became gyms in lockdown out of necessity.

But it can save money and is convenient too.

Make YouTube your personal trainer – you can find almost any workout imaginable on there for free.

Free fitness apps like Nike Training Club have a vast range of workouts too.

For YouTube and apps you don’t even need equipment like weights.

If you like to run or cycle, Strava is a free app that tracks and analyses your performance and lets you compete with friends and users around the globe.

DO A DEAL: To get yourself a fancy gym for less, you can always negotiate.

Plus see if any new gyms are opening soon near you as they often have great rates for founding members.

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