From yacht trips to Dubai to charity events with Prince William, 6 elite matchmakers share the wildest dates their millionaire clients have gone on

  • Millionaire dates are straight out of the pages of a storybook.
  • As part of Business Insider’s month-long”Dating Like a Millionaire” series, six millionaire matchmakers shared the details of the most lavish dates their clients have gone on.
  • Turns out,millionaires love to take their dates out of the country — especially via private jet oryacht.
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Meeting for drinks is a standard first date, but millionaires might take ayacht to get to the restaurant or order a cocktail with a side of Eiffel Tower views.

For Business Insider’s month-long series, ” Dating Like a Millionaire,” I talked to six matchmakers around the world who play cupid for high-net-worth individuals — from royals and celebrities to entrepreneurs and CEOs — in the hopes of getting a glimpse into the dating world of the elite.

The six matchmakers I spoke to are based mainly in New York City, London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They work with clients locally and globally who have a net worth ranging from the low millions into the billions. The matchmakers were quick to dish on some of the most lavish dates their clients had been on. While some millionaires prefer to keep things casual and low-key, others pull out all the stops to impress a date.

Patti Stanger of Los Angeles-basedMillionaire’s Club told Business Insider she’s seen it all, from Kentucky Derby dates to nights under the stars and trips to other countries. Then there’s what she calls “Princess Diaries dates” — when millionaires transform the romance of Hollywood movies and fairy tale dreams from fantasy into reality.

Below, some of the most lavish dates the elite matchmakers I spoke to have seen throughout their careers. Spoiler: They involve lots of planes and exotic destinations.

  • A private jet trip to pick up a date in the UK for a dinner and weekend stay at the Ritz in Paris — Janis and Carly Spindel, Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc.
  • A charity event where the date met Prince William and Kate Middleton — Patti Stanger,Millionaire’s Club
  • Flying a date in from Minnesota to attend the Met Opera in NYC and explore the city for the weekend ($5,000) — April Davis,Luma Search
  • A yacht trip to Dubai — Mairead Molloy,Berkeley International
  • Dates to awards shows, from the Academy Awards to the Grammy Awards — Patti Stanger,Millionaire’s Club
  • A private jet trip to Paris with a suite at the Ritz, where a diamond necklace, on-loan earrings from Graff, and a red Valentino gown were waiting on the bed; followed by a private dinner on a chartered cruise up the Seine River — Amy Anderson,Linx Dating
  • Chartering a private plane complete with live musicians on board for a full evening of dinner and dancing in Miami ($817,410) — Mairead Molloy,Berkeley International
  • A two-week long Fiji vacation — Patti Stanger,Millionaire’s Club

But it’s not all fun and games — and jets, and yachts, and stays at the Ritz — when you’re a millionaire looking for love. Money may buy fairy tale dates, but it can alsopose problems for both millionaires and their matches.

The matchmakers noted that resentment can set in if one party pays all the time and that money can breed a sense of entitlement, making clients super-picky. They also have to consider whether people are dating them just for their money.

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