Giraffe Charges Vehicle Full of Tourists on Safari: 'It Was Certainly a Scary Adventure'

A group of tourists have escaped unharmed after a giraffe charged their truck while on safari in Africa.

In a video of the incident shared Friday by South West News Service (SWNS), the animal is shown running at what appears to be full speed toward the vehicle of passengers, who were touring the the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Narok, Kenya.

"Dicken Muchena, 27, was on a jungle tour at Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, on 9th December — when he spotted a huge giraffe heading towards the car," the footage's description reads.

"The video shows the shocking moment Dicken, a teacher and photographer, turned in shock to see the huge giraffe 'charging' at the group of tourists," it continues. "The group were just leaving after spending time admiring the giraffes in their grazing ground at the reserve."

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During the clip, which is almost 2 minutes long, the animal is initially shown from a distance but soon catches up to the truck, leaving a trail of dust behind it as the tourists can be heard laughing from behind the camera.

According to Fox News, Muchena told SWNS that the giraffe charged at them "fiercely" for a few minutes before the driver was able to maneuver out of its way, and that it "almost stepped" on their vehicle.

"The giraffe seemed harmless at first — but all of a sudden it turned foul and chased us from its natural habitat," said Muchena, according to Fox News. "It even tried to block our exit at one point — but we managed to get away."

"It was certainly a scary adventure," he added.

The incident comes almost a year and a half after a similar video featuring a tiger chasing down two people on a motorcycle in India went viral.

As seen in a clip shared by the Forests and Wildlife Protection Society last June, the pair were riding on a motorcycle when the animal emerged from the trees surrounding the road and gave chase. The tiger got close to the back of the bike before peeling off into the trees.

A moderator from FAWPS told the Hindustan Times that the two individuals on the motorcycle were officials from the Forest Department who had gone to patrol the area after reports of a tiger sighting.

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