Hairstylist leaves mortified womans bob looking like Frankensteins bride

A heartbroken woman has taken to TikTok to share the drastic before and after of a failed salon appointment after the stylist caused chemical burns on the side of her face.

Deborah Lynn was hoping to add some highlights to her curly hair but her salon appointment ended in her looking like "Frankenstein's bride", according to her followers.

She explained that the hairstylist had tried to bleach her thick, black curls rather than just part them like she wanted and even left some of the peroxide on her face, causing chemical burns on her skin.

In a video, which has more than 478,000 likes, she claims: "He bleached my hair without permission, cut half of it off and burned my face."

Many people in the comments tried to defend the bleaching by pointing out that it is needed for highlights, but she added: "PSA: I’m aware you have to use bleach to highlight hair, but he bleached MY WHOLE HEAD from the root when we already discussed what I wanted."

The woman from Chicago, US, was then met with overwhelming support from TikTokers who shared in her outrage at the shocking result.

One user said: "He gave you that bride of Frankenstein dye."

Another wrote: "Omg, they bleached everything and not even the right colour. I bet they didn't use a toner."

A third said: "As a hairstylist, I’m confused why so many comments are defending this?? To get the look she desired there was absolutely no need for an all-over bleach."

A fourth wrote: "He wasn't supposed to bleach the whole head. You wanted silver highlights so he should've bleached the golden tones in your hair, and tone them."

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The news comes after a woman was left a salon in tears when her hairdresser chopped her hair off and hid the mistake in a messy bun.

Chloe, from Melbourne, Australia, said the hairstylist told her that her hair colour "had lifted better than they thought" and they found less breakage on the ends.

But her blonde tress was cut in different lengths and appeared in an awkward "triangle shape" as it went along her face.

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