'Hidden house' in one of London's busiest destinations is invisible from the street – but boasts amazing surprise inside

A STUNNING home in one of London's busiest locations is invisible from the street – but boasts an amazing surprise for those who find the front door.

The £4million property stands just yards from Notting Hill Gate station but is completely concealed behind a row of shops and a Nando's.

And once the lucky new owner makes their way to a secret door, they'll find a whopping five-bed home spread over 3,000 square feet.

The four-floor house even features its own courtyard garden – a rarity in busy West London.

Agents from John D Wood & Co have called the property "extraordinary" – and say it's a "hidden house of superb quality".

Visitors walk into the home through a long walkway which separates it from the road outside.

Through the front door is a 650sq ft reception and dining room, fitted out with three windows stretching between the floor and the ceiling.

Downstairs, the occupant will discover a huge open plan living space some 50ft long, which includes a kitchen, a library and a utility room.

Through the kitchen is a two-level terrace with its own self-contained studio and shower room.


And upstairs, there are five bedrooms – and four bathrooms.

Hundreds of thousands of people will walk past the property every day without knowing it exists.

From the house itself, the only sign of the busy street outside is a branch of Waterstones glimpsed from a window.

And it's not the only London home hiding a secret inside.

Earlier this month, we shared photos of a property that looks just like a tiny windowless shed from the outside.

However, the £750,000 price tag suggests there's more to the house than meets the eye.

And inside, the Tardis-style home opens into an open-plan kitchen and dining room.

On another floor below the ground, the homeowner will find two double bedrooms and two bathrooms.


It even has a little patio outside with its own outdoor shower.

Both homes are much more appealing spaces than many currently available in the capital.

One bizarre £1,300-a-month flat in Notting Hill features an unnerving-looking 'mezzanine' bedroom over the sitting room.

Tenants who fall out of bed will bruise more than just their ego – as they'll face a sheer drop from the mattress to the floor below.

A property nearby is currently on the market for a little under £800 a month – but it's missing one essential feature.

While the studio offers a shower, there's no toilet to be found.

Even more oddly, the listing doesn't mention a loo at all – leaving potential tenants to speculate about what they can expect if they decide to move in.

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