Six new Love Island stars arrive at the villa kicking and screaming tonight as baby task begins

SIX new faces enter the villa this evening – and they’re kicking and screaming more than Faye.

The Islanders are shocked to discover they have been delivered newborn babies overnight as they wake to the sound of screaming. 

The classic task will see each couple will have to feed, care and comfort their ‘baby’ as well as change its nappy when needed. 

The couple waste no time in dishing out names – and all picked surprisingly normal options. 

Jake and Liberty have Tommy, Kaz and Tyler’s boy is called Benjamin, Mary and Aaron have a daughter called Sienna.

Faye and Teddy have Remi, while Chloe and Toby pick the name Marley and Millie and Liam go for Jackson

As the girls get ready for the day the boys spend some quality time with their babies. 

But it appears Toby thinks mum knows best. Heading upstairs with baby Marley, Toby says: “I’ve had him all morning!” 

Chloe says: “I’m getting ready. This must be a joke!”

Toby tells her: “You’ll have to get ready with him.”

She snaps back: “Toby, you can’t bring the buggy up here. It’s a no buggy zone!” 

The girls end up getting the short straw though as the lads are treated to a day out playing golf – leaving them at home with the babies. 

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The boys seem to be in a reflective mood because after the round they sit down and talk about their futures.

Speaking about his relationship with Liberty, Jake says: “Bumps in the road bring you closer and once you come out the other side. We’re going onwards and upwards and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Teddy muses about Faye: “Everyday waking up we’ve got smiles on our faces. I couldn’t ask for a better woman to start this journey and continue this journey with. I’m excited, boys. I haven’t felt like this in a while.”

And reflecting on his Love Island journey with Millie, Liam says: “We’ve come such a long way through the ups and downs. We’re in a very good position. We’re very strong. Things are going very, very well.” 

But which couple will reign supreme in today’s challenge and be crowned Love Island’s best mum and dad? 


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