How a simple exercise can help men combat premature ejaculation – and last three times as long in bed | The Sun

IT'S one of the most common sexual health complaints – affecting most men at some point in their lives.

But now a new study has shed light on a possible 'cure' for premature ejaculation (PE).

As many as one third of men have admitted that not lasting long enough was a common problem for them, but less than a quarter have actually sought medical help.

There are a multitude of reasons why a man may be suffering with PE, including depression, worry and guilt, stress, substance abuse, sexual abuse or poor body image.

Now, a new scientific review has found taking up a new hobby could help men combat PE and last longer between the sheets.

The review, led by Anglian Ruskin University, involved 105 patients diagnosed with PE and looked at how exercise could help.


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The scientists concluded it might be time to strike a yoga pose if you want to go the distance between the sheets.

They found that men who suffer from PE could benefit from practising one move in particular: downward facing dog.

Yoga saw the amount of time male volunteers lasted in bed almost triple from 26 seconds to just shy of a minute and a half on average.

According to the study, benefits of yoga on PE include improving reproductive functions, hormonal regulation, and enhanced awareness, better management of associated risk factors for PE and a strengthening of pelvic muscles.

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In another study, yoga was practised by 38 patients, and after eight weeks researchers noted a marked improvement in ejaculatory latency time.

The study authors concluded that “yoga is a safe, well-tolerated and effective treatment for premature ejaculation” with the positive effect on PE being “due to improvement in anxiety control”.

Another review saw participants divided into three groups with the first group using medication of dapoxetine (30mg) – a drug used to treat PE – for 30 days.

Another group ran at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week for 30 days and the last group advised to walk no more than 30 minutes a day for five days in a week.

Researchers noted the running and dapoxetine groups saw a significant improvement in PE, but they found no major difference between the exercise group and the medication group suggesting that exercise is just effective.

“'This evidence is based on studies involving a small number of men, and we need more research in this area, but approaches like physical activity could help all men,” said Lee Smith, professor of public health at Anglia Ruskin University.

He added: “This is not just for men diagnosed with premature ejaculation.

“Most men may not have performed as well as they wanted to at some point, and could benefit from lifestyle changes and techniques to help last longer.”

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