How Elf on the Shelf can say goodbye to the kids until next year

After a December packed with pranks and tomfoolery, soon it’s going to be time to send your Elf on the Shelf back to the North Pole for another year.

It’s common practice for the Elves to high tail it back to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve – after all, their work reporting back to St Nick is done for the year.

One of the more popular ways the Elves tend to say goodbye to the kids is through a letter.

If that’s the method your Elf opts for, the letter can be as creative as you want.

Maybe you want to write a little poem – Elves are known to favour cheeky limericks – or a little drawing of the Elf on the Shelf with your children.

If you want to add extra magic, you can use powdered sugar or glitter to leave little footprints leading away from the letter.

Alternatively, you could have your Elf or Elves say goodbye via Zoom.

The Elf on the Shelf website has a free downloadable image that you can use to to make it look like a bunch of Elves are dialing in.

You could also try having another adult position a laptop in front of your Elf on the Shelf in another room.

Then, using a voice changer app of your choice, that person can give the Elf a voice to say goodbye in real time.

If your kids are having a hard time saying goodbye to the Elves and their antics, you might want to try leaving something else for them to remember the Elves by, such as a photo of the little guys sat on top of the pile of presents from Santa.

You could even add that, what with the Elves having to quarantine to get home to the North Pole, it’s especially important that they leave on time this year.

Then the antics can start afresh all over again next year.

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