How Sarah Jessica Parker Is Evolving As An Entrepreneur

There’s an entrepreneurial side to Sarah Jessica Parker too, and she has aced it, just like her acting career.

In the last five years, Sarah Jessica Parker has ventured into numerous business realms tasting success after success. From sunglasses to fragrances and books, there’s so much more to Sarah Jessica Parker than what meets the eye. For example, a ‘Sex and the City Hotspots Tour’ offers glimpses into the shooting locations of the famous TV series, complete with a local tour guide. Interesting, isn’t it?

Some would say she built her businesses on the back of Carrie Bradshaw. But characters can’t be played for years, and there’s a lot common between the SATC star and the real SJP that powers her entrepreneurial tastes. She has an incredible fashion sense that organically translates into her business ventures.

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The Entrepreneurial Streaks of Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker began her entrepreneurial journey back in 2005 with a line of fragrances. The venture performed well and marked her entry into the iconic Hollywood fashionistas. A few years later, in 2014, she encashed her shoe-obsessed New Yorker image and launched the iconic SJP collection. No wonder the collection was an instant hit with women of all ages. The footwear lineup features leopard pumps, stilettos, shiny heels, flats, and so much more. Sarah Jessica Parker insists that she does not promote her brands the way other celebrities do. Her style is rather unconventional.

For someone who owns nine high-end shoe boutiques in exotic locations, she doesn’t believe in selfies. For her, the old-school ‘work-in-your-office’ routine clicks just fine. She believes in taking pictures with fans casually while doing business rather than forcefully pushing forth sales. That doesn’t mean she disappoints her fans, who occasionally do get a picture clicked with their favorite New Yorker. Well, so far, her business sense has worked just fine.

She credits her business skills to her circle of smart friends and colleagues. She certainly has a good friend circle consisting of the very best experts in their respective fields. For example, her collaboration with George Malkemus ensures she has access to the best footwear designer to help her make a mark in the footwear realm. You can’t go wrong when you learn from the industry leaders.

Building Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoe Empire

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Carrie Bradshaw, the shoe aficionado from Sex and the City, owns a huge shoe empire in the real world. Perhaps, her foremost business venture, the SJP shoe collection, offers a glimpse into her entrepreneurial streaks. The pop-up store launched with designer George Malkemus on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue offers everything from footwear to handbags and clothing ranges.

The aspirational shoe series feature simplistic heels and polished sparkly stilettoes with bright color schemes. Whether it is sequined pieces named after the iconic NY buildings or the 4-inch heels, her collection has enigmatic shoes that most ladies would drool over. Costing anywhere between $250 to $600, the heels may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but SJP sure has a long clientele. Furthermore, she runs nine shoe boutiques in major global hotspots, including Dubai, New York, Las Vegas, and Canada.

Her ‘hands-on’ approach has been rewarding for her fans, who often find Carrie Bradshaw in the store, helping them choose their favorite pair of heels. Unlike other celebrities who dabble in entrepreneurship, SJP works tirelessly in her stores, meeting real customers, listening to them, hear their stories, and introduce them to NY fashion in her unique style. Now that’s an experience that fans don’t usually get.

Interacting with clients for three to four hours every day gives her a unique perspective on her business. Her complete focus on customers has paid off as most of her stores are performing extremely well, with customers turning out in droves.

Stay Curious – What The Future Holds For Sarah Jessica Parker

Just like Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker has so much to offer besides just fancy footwear. Apt to her reel character, SJP has collaborated with New Zealand’s Invivo to offer the Invivo X SJP wine collection. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavor features a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a French rosé. Just like her shoe empire, the wine range is also close to SJP’s heart as she is well known for her wine knowledge.

There’s no clarity whether her next venture, ‘Hocus Pocus 2,’ is happening anytime soon. Her fans are surely anticipating another season with Matthew Broderick. Till then, Sarah Jessica Parker is perfectly happy in her professional life running from one store to another meeting up with her fans.

Her ‘be bold’ mantra taught her to follow diverse passions, whether it’s fancy shoes or a wine collection. SJP is a perfect example of how the right opportunities can be converted into long-term stable businesses provided the right mindset is applied. Her old-school approach is certainly working up the charm as sales of her businesses are soaring high.

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