How Squid Games costume designer placed hidden meanings in the shows costumes

If you haven't heard the words Squid Game, then you have missed out on one of the most successful television series to land on Netflix this year.

The South Korean show see's a group of people compete in various children games in order to win a staggering £28m, however, if they don't win they are instantly killed – we know, we were taken aback too.

Despite the gory twist, it seems that the world has become obsessed with the hit show.

Whilst some are fascinated with the events, other viewers have been hooked on the costumes and it seems that there are some hidden meanings behind them.

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In the show, we see the contestants sport casual teal tracksuits which already seems an odd option for those fighting to save their lives – where are The Hunger Games style outfits at?

The ensembles are the same for each player, with matching white t-shirts and white trainers, the only thing thats differentiates them from one another are their numbers that they have been assigned on their chests.

The use of this could have been to strip everyone of their identities, which already puts everyone at an equal opportunity.

This was also the same situation with the guards uniforms which see's them all sport pink jumpsuits along with masks that disguise their true identities.

The show's creator revealed how: "At first, I wanted a boy scout-like outfit but it showed the men’s figures too well. It didn’t really make them look like ants in an ant colony. "

"They needed to cover their entire body. And the best option to keep them anonymous was a jumpsuit. With a hoodie too, because they need to cover their faces."

We also see various different shapes on the masks which has been revealed that they represent the letters of the Korean alphabet.

Circles translates to the letter "O", the triangle is part of the letter "J" and then squares symbolise "M".

According to publication Looper OJM" are the initials for the Korean name for the squid game, 'Ojingeo Geim'".

As well as this, it can also be said how the masks are signs on the Playstation controllers, which could give a nod to the controlling nature of the show.

When it comes down to the colours of the costumes, it is clear that they are slightly odd – we don't think you'll be seeing the police sporting hot pink uniforms any time soon.

This could have been done to add to the unsettling nature of the series, putting us as viewers on edge as we watch events unfold.

Bright pink itself is a very energetic colour, but pink also connotes sensitivity and sweetness, something which the guards definitely don't have.

This same design feature was done with the teal uniforms as the colour is said to combine the calming qualities of blue with the renewal qualities of green, which when you think of what the characters go through, is a completely juxtaposition of their moods.

We don't know about you but this show has so many levels to it, we're not surprised that there are such deep symbols hidden in the costumes.

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