Human Satan body mod addict amputates three fingers to turn hands into claws

Abody modification fanatic dubbed ‘Human Satan’ has lopped off three of his fingers in bid to turn his hands into claws.

Michel Praddo, 49, from São Paulo, Brazil, has risked life and limb on grisly his quest for perfection. Now, the heavily tattooed man has upped the ante after having his little and ring finger on his right hand amputated – following his ring finger removal on his left hand.

The body mod addict, who goes by ‘Diabao’, meaningdevilin Portuguese, shared the bizarre photos on social media last month. It marks the second finger-removal op, after having a digit on his left hand amputated two years ago.

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After keeping it tightly under wraps, he initially called the project “La Garra”, meaning The Claw. Now, thanks to both hands being freed of a few digits, the project has aptly been renamed “Las Garras”, meaning The Claws, local media reported.

Praddo initially told fans that he was a little hesitant that the procedure would ruin his work as a tattoo artist. “At first it was very difficult, but it didn't take long to get back to tattooing almost normally,” he said.

The Guiness World Record holder for having the coveted title of most subdermal horn implants on the head said that he used to get phantom limb syndrome where his fingers used to be, after the first operation. But for 33-horn Praddo, it’s all worth it, and said he’s “very satisfied” with his seven extremities.

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Instagram users were left with jaws on the floor, with one quipping, “very nice manicure”. Another more disapproving follower asked why he removed his “perfect fingers” when some people don’t have the luxury of functioning hands.

The ink enthusiast said his primary goal was to become one of the most altered human beings on Earth. A whopping 60 procedures later and an estimated 85% of his body covered in ink, Praddo said he still isn’t finished.

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