I found sex toys and lube in hubbys study – hes owned up and I feel ugly

I recently found sex toys, lubricant and pornography in my husband’s study.

I accused him of having an affair, which he denied, but when pushed, he said he enjoyed pleasuring himself in private and it was none of my business.

Now I feel ugly, redundant, and ridiculous. How can he prefer solo sex to my touch?

I can’t remember the last time we enjoyed a night of genuine love and passion. Where did I go wrong and is there any point in us carrying on?

JANE SAYS: If your sex life has dropped off in recent times, if you and he no longer make love, then no one could blame you for questioning the long-term validity of this relationship.

You need to tell him you feel neglected and confused. Could you and he not try adult toys and lubricants together?

Does he have a problem with touching you? Is he conflicted about his true sexuality? You and he have to keep talking to establish finally where you stand. Sadly, if he isn’t willing to meet you half way, then where does he see you ending up as
a couple?

Sick of boozing with old pal

My oldest friend and I only have one thing in common – booze. For the past 10 years we’ve met once a month in the same club/bar and got drunk.

We glug wine, dance and talk utter rubbish. I can’t remember the last time we had a meaningful conversation. She knows nothing of my current life and problems. She expects me to act like a wild child but I’m sick of it.

JANE SAYS: Nothing stays the same forever – and your friend deserves to hear the truth.

Suggest a daytime cup of tea and explain you’re changing gear. Tell her you’re happy to meet up but the drunken nights are over. It will be interesting to see if this friendship reboots or fizzles out.

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