I left strict religious background after marrying hubby – now were swingers

A couple shunned their conservative Christian background after getting married – to become swingers.

Emmy Blaise started dating Cal when she was 17 – and the pair abstained from having sex until they married two years later.

After tying the knot, she felt pressure from the Church to stick to traditional gender roles like wives submitting to their husbands.

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Emmy told news.com.au: “We followed all the rules, and didn’t have sex until marriage and all of that. We were the ‘good ones’.

“It was purity culture. There was a lot of pressure around sexuality. People who were not virgins – even if not by their choice – were deemed dirty and ‘used goods’.

The Australian pair decided to follow these rules until four years ago, when they were "liberated".

In their late 20s, Emmy and Cal started talking about their sexualities and monogamy.

They decided to open up their marriage by joining dating apps and enjoying hook ups.

The couple, now 35, haven't looked back since.

Cal said: “Emmy and I had never had that experience of going out and hooking up, so it was like we were teenagers again.

“It felt like we had made up for some lost time, and had experiences that we didn’t get to have when we were younger.”

Emmy and Cal, who have three children, haven't raised them in the same religious environment they grew up with.

They want their kids to be true to who they are – and are happy to answer questions about their lifestyle when the time comes.

The couple hope sharing their story will ease the stigma that surrounds non-conventional relationships.

They also post content on TikTok and Instagram to help others who want to dabble with non-monogamy. You can follow them here.

Cal added: “We love each other as much as we did on our wedding day. That will never change.

“Our adoration and commitment to each other, and to our family, is still there and such an important part of the dynamic.

“People assume we don’t love each other, or that we just want an excuse for cheating, which isn’t true at all.”


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