Salon customers reveal their VERY bad experience in reviews

Beauty turned beastly! Salon customers reveal their VERY bad experience in reviews – from being burned by wax to filthy premises and hair cut into different lengths

  • Dissatisfied customers complained about shocking experiences on Treatwell 
  • Some revealed how salons had had issues with poor service and uncleanliness 
  • Several had problems when it came to payment, claiming that they were misled
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Heading to the salon is supposed to be a pampering experience that leaves you feeling revived – but as anyone who’s ever had a dodgy haircut or flaky manicure knows, there’s nothing like a beauty disaster to ruin your day. 

It’s now easier than ever to book appointments online and via apps, and the advantage is that you can see what other customers thought and hopefully avoid ruining your look at a bad salon. 

FEMAIL has scoured online booking service Treatwell to find some of the worst salon experiences from across the UK. 

One disgruntled customers told a disaster such as being left with an 80s haircut and being told ‘don’t worry, it will grow back’.


EMMA B Hair Salon, London says it has experienced stylists and offers a wide range of ‘professional treatments’

Emma B Salon, London 

What the description says: Experienced stylists, offers a wide range of professional treatments including haircuts, blow dry, braids and a diverse range of hair colouring treatments. 

Rating: On Treatwell 1.7/5

What the customers say: ‘Absolutely the worst hairdressing experience I have had. Over an hour late starting on me. Full of the workers’ children running around. Had booked for colour and the hairdresser went out and bought a box dye which I could have done myself at home. Martyn from Treatwell is looking into compensation for me.’ 

Another said: ‘I can’t comment on the service as never got my hair done. Paid online but when I got to the salon the hair dresser who was supposed to do my hair wasn’t in. I told the lady I had already paid online, but she just shrugged her shoulders. Still waiting for my money back.’ 

Amora, Liverpool

What the description says: Visit Amora salon, located within Islington in central Liverpool, and treat yourself to a wash and haircut service, or a curly blow dry.

Rating: On Treatwell 1.9/5

What the customers say: ‘There is no salon in this location. I lost my money as I prepaid and no refund possible. Don’t book here. It’s scam. Photos are google photos.’ 

Another said: ‘SCAM! The salon is not where it claims to be. The phone number to the salon does not work. I now have to try to get a refund through Treatwell.’ 

Amora, Liverpool says that it offers a wash and haircut service, plus extras such as a curly blow dry

Headmasters, Raynes Park 

What the description says: Headmasters Raynes Park boasts a team of style and colour experts that, along with their passion for innovation, help keep them ahead of the latest trends.

They blend exquisite cutting and devoted service with a catwalk quality finish and this shows in their dedicated customers.

 Rating: On Treatwell 3.2/5

What the customers say: ‘I was really happy with the final product yet came home and the application was extremely streaky on the under layers of my hair not blended at all.’ 

Someone else left a review that said: ‘They where unsure what I had booked for. Cut and colour and blow dry where very good. The luxury head massage was non existent so I was disappointed there. After the phoned to tell me that I had to come back and pay for my treatment as I had only paid for a the blow dry which was not true. Tone was quite accusatory and no apology made. So follow up to confirm that all was ok’ 

Headmasters’ Chief Operating Officer Laura Geary told Femail: ‘We have 44 salons across Treatwell , 42 of our salons have a 4* rating or above. We can see that the below review was posted 7 months ago and have since made changes.

‘We pride ourselves on our customer service and constantly welcome and monitor customer feedback for improvement which is passed onto our teams.’

Headmasters, Raynes Park describes itself as blending ‘exquisite cutting and devoted service with a catwalk quality finish and this shows in their dedicated customers’

John Harding Hair & Beauty Salon, London

What the description says: The skilled and high-qualified team know that creating a great hairstyle means considering many factors. They look at your skin tone, face shape and personal desires for a style you will love. The elegant environment, subtly decorated with a black and white wallpaper, is stylish and designed for your relaxation. 

Rating: On Treatwell 3.5/5 

What the customers say: ‘It was John to cut my hair. I asked different style he did what he liked. We had a chat as i told him i was going to a party he asked in the end another £30. Hair cut and dry cost me £85 for short hair . Crazy. He was talking nonsense, comparing his cut with mayfair stylist who charge £500. My hair are very short now and very disappointed. Watch out people. Old and greedy men.’ 

Someone else reviewed: ‘This is one of those traumatic hair experiences. I immediately wanted to cry when I saw what the hairdresser did with my hair. But instead I thought “it’s just hair, it’s going to grow back, don’t panic”. A few hours later I still hate it and actually I’m very angry. I came with a one-length haircut to finish with a typical layered 80s haircut that noboby wants anymore.’

‘I have layers that look like long bang (eye level) when I asked for “face framing pieces” (just the two layers that fall when you put your hair up). I didn’t feel like the hairdresser listened to what I asked or showed or he didn’t understand. I have short layers all around my head now and I can’t do anything about it. It can’t be styled. I wish I could just tie my hair up to hide how bad it is but I can’t with all those short layers. I just have to live with that for at least 6 months now. Definitely first and last time for me’ 

John Harding Hair & Beauty Salon in London describes itself as having a skilled and high-qualified team

Regis Hair Salon, Braehead

What the description says: Whether you’re looking for a quick trim, a colour makeover or a bouncy blow dry, Regis Hair Salon at Titanium House Braehead Shopping Centre in Lanarkshire is a great option.

Their experienced and dedicated team are all trained in the latest techniques and trends, to ensure you leave the salon looking and feeling your best.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.8/5 

What the customers say: ‘If she is your manager I can only say your shop won’t stay long open. Her attitude was disgraceful Im suppose to be grateful to have her take my appointment second time in there and will definitely be my last as my experience was totally unacceptable and maybe you should look into how many customers get sent away !!’

Someone else said: ‘Girl was lovely but was very rushed ! No hair straighten , no music on , the salon was dead. The bench nearly fell from beneath my friend as she waited. Probably won’t be back!’

And another said: ‘Staff were friendly enough but distracted, shop was very clean. Hair wash and blow dry was fine but the haircut received was terrible. The fringe wasn’t even cut straight, evenly or in the style requested.’ 

Regis Hair Salon in Braehead describes itself as experienced and boasts of its experienced team 


Lounge No.6 Beauty & Nail Salon, Hertfordshire

What the description says: Lounge No. 6 Beauty & Nail Salon is the chic and trendy oasis you need for your next lash tint, gel manicure, wax, spray tan, massage and more.

This suburban gem specialises in hair removal and nail application, using first-class brands Shellac OPI and Harley to offer you top-shelf services.

The staff boasts over a decade of experience, personalising all treatments to suit your individual needs with refreshments offered throughout your appointment.

Rating: On Treatwell 2.4/5

What the customers say: ‘I booked an app @6pm I called in the morning to confirm & was hoping I could come sooner. I called from 10am til 2pm no answer. Finally my call was answered by the beautician she said she only worked til 10-3 & would not be able to do my appointment. I was offered another appointment for the next day but I was flying out so this wouldn’t do. I asked for the manager to call me & process a refund no call back no refund! Treatwell why are you promoting this co pls give people their money back!!’

Lounge No.6 Beauty & Nail Salon, Hertfordshire describes itself as being ‘chic’ and ‘trendy’

Good Look Hair & Beauty, Walsall

What the description says: Good Look Hair and Beauty is a hair and beauty salon situated in Walsall. With a huge variety of services on offer including Hair, Nails, Waxing, Massage and Facials. Good Look is sure to fulfill all your hair and beauty needs, whilst you sit back and relax.

Rating: On Treatwell 2.8

What the customers say: It was the worst massage I have ever had. I literally had my back rubbed with oil for 20 min n to make it worse she wore gloves to give me a massage. It was so bad that I had to get up and show her how to massage and she still didn’t get it, then 20 min later they had a switch over of another masseuse, who was better with pressure but did not know how to massage at all. Also a child kept opening the door. I am very disappointed and would need my money back. Worst experience!!

Another wrote: ‘I want a full refund because my hair is all different lengths. I wasn’t sat in front of a mirror I was sat in the middle of the salon with a chair in front of me. I have straightened it myself at home and can see what a mess they have made of my hair.’ 

And a third said: ‘DO NOT go here for a haircut. it was like they had never picked up a paid of scissors before. I couldn’t get out there quick enough. they also make you pay before, so difficult to complain and get a refund. I had to go elsewhere to get my cut rectified. Waxing wasn’t as bad but still not great, my legs have been left badly bruised.’ 

Good Look Hair & Beauty in Walsall offers to fulfill all your hair and beauty needs, whilst you sit back and relax

Customers complained about their hair being left different lengths, bruising after a wax and a therapist who didn’t know how to do a massage

Diptis, London 

What the description says: Offering a select range of treatments, including waxing and eyebrow tinting and threading. Very experienced and friendly team. Fully qualified, highly-trained with more than 15 years of experience.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.1/5

What the customers say: ‘Place is filthy. Dust and dirt everywhere. Therapist was on phone the whole time and when I said the wax was too hot she simply laughed and didn’t check herself. She did one strip and pulled it off so badly I decided to get up and leave. I’ve had a lot of waxes and never have I had an experience so bad. Horrendous. Please be careful.’

Another person posted a review that said: ‘Do not use this salon, particularly for waxing. I had a Brazilian wax and she burnt my skin – I had red marks for days. The salon is also unsanitary and unprofessional.’

A third said: ‘Terrible experience, extremely dirty place ,disorganised, the job wasn’t done properly I would have done it by myself at home, not worth the money I’ve paid, unprofessional. It was my first time and last time.’ 

Diptis, London claims to have a very friendly and experienced team that are fully qualified and ‘highly-trained’

Naz & Nads Hair & Beauty Salon, Ilford

What the description says: Just a short walk from Ilford station, this cozy salon has a chic and sparkly interior, with magazine covers on the walls to express originality and give a fashionable and inspiring flair. With a wide range of treatments available, the team at Naz & Nads pay strong attention to detail, promising to share expert advice and support to help you achieve your desired look.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.3/5

What the customers say: ‘Terrible experience would never recommend. The lady was unprofessional made constant remarks about my body and the amount of hair. Felt terrible and insecurely. The place is very dirty and she left so many patches and I have a lot ingrown hair because of her. Please avoid her at all cost!!’

Another customer said: ‘I got a lot of spots and cuts after the treatment not sure why but the place is alright.’

A third said: ‘Went for a face wax and came back with a massive BURN PATCH on my face!’ 

Naz & Nads Hair & Beauty Salon in Ilford says that its team pays strong attention to detail, promising to share expert advice and support to help you achieve your desired look

Appearances Redefined, London

What the description says: A cosy and welcoming salon situated in Wallington, Appearances Redefined offers a range of beauty treatments from waxing and facials to bridal makeup.

Enjoy an afternoon in the salon’s vibrant fuchsia pink interior while having your makeup done for a special event, or treat yourself to a manicure in their relaxing and tranquil space. Appearances Redefined offers a tailor made service, so each treatment is individual and personalised for every customer that walks through the door.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.4/5

What the customers say: ‘They charge more than the stated Treatwell prices. Only do half the job for Brazilian waxing and ask for £10 more for the rest! £33 for a Brazilian wax is way too much for a salon of this stature’

A second customer posted: ‘Terrible experience, I booked in for 9.30am, they turned up at 9.35 to open the shop and said I had to wait 20 minutes for the wax to heat up, she was very rude. As for the treatment she told me I had to cancel my Treatwell and pay them directly to which I refused, she was so invasive for an intimate wax, I’ve never had a wax so uncomfortable and I have been having this treatment regularly for years, in the end I had to stop her and say I’ve had enough. Wouldn’t go back.’ 

Appearances Redefined in London offers a range of treatments including waxing. However, customers have commented that intimate waxing can be too invasive 

Calista Beauty Salon Tunbridge Wells

What the description says: ‘A haven of pampering offering largest selection of beauty services with wide range of finest beauty products by trained therapists in a busy leisure centre at affordable prices.’

Rating: On Treatwell 3.5/5

What the customers say: ‘AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So unprofessional – I kept saying the wax was too hot, but she did not listen, now I’ve got blisters over my bikini line!! Hollywood wax took FOREVER. She did not know what she was doing!’

A second customer said: ‘The actual salon looks temporary and is not relaxing at all, you can here the shopping centre really loudly. The waxing room feels less like a room and just a partition from the rest of the salon. The woman was rude and too quick leaving me incredibly red and sore, and didn’t even offer me any lotion at the end. Half of the staff were too busy chatting to notice me for a while. Furthermore, as it was painful and I was wincing in pain a little, the therapist seemed almost annoyed and angry at me for not being completely still. So rude.’

A third commented: ‘Really abrupt and painful waxing. I was left with uneven bikini line where I feel like I would shave it all off if it wasn’t for the scars I have that I try to hide. I left feeling shaken and tearful. The most painful wax I have ever had. She just waxed and ripped without pressing on the skin or anything. I am really upset by it.’ 

Calista Beauty Salon in Tunbridge Wells has been described as unprofessional by its customers


Vogue Beauty, Oxford

What the description says: A salon that ticks all the right beauty boxes by offering manicures, pedicures, waxing, eyelash extensions, facials and massages. Atmosphere: Simple salon, friendly staff, light, airy and modern.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.3/5

What the customers say: ‘When I got Vogue Beauty for the appointment time, the shop was closed. When I called the telephone, nobody answered. There was even no answering machine for me to leave message. It was the worst experience I had ever had.’

Another said: ‘booked online, went the next day for my appointment and got told the nail tech isn’t here. disappointed and wasted my time.’ 

A third customer gave the review: ‘The venue was completely empty and looked like it has recently undergone construction. There was drywall dust and open holes in the walls. The massaging chair arm fell apart in the manicurist hands. Colors were not available for viewing except for opening each bottle. Not ideal. I will not be going back.’ 

Vogue Beauty, Oxford calls itself ‘a salon that ticks all the right beauty boxes’ and describes itself as ‘light, airy and modern’

Tantalizing Beauty Spa, London

What the description says: Tantalizing Beauty Spa’s pristine interior is designed to provide bright, modern space where you can unwind in peace. Their purpose-built treatment rooms create a comfortable and relaxing environment, perfect for indulging in a Thai massage or a Schrammek facial.

Experience the professional and attentive care of Tantalizing Beauty Spa’s team of expert therapists. Their warm and caring manner eases you into a state of pure bliss, enhanced by soothing music and fragrances. Allow yourself to be pampered and leave feeling de-stressed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.2/5

What the customers say: ‘Terrible experience, Jenni couldn’t stop answering her phone during the session, and did my nails as if was her first time, putting way too much nail polish. Price was the same as other spa places so I will definitely go somewhere else next time.’

Another said: ‘I’m very surprised that Treatwell have Tantalizing Beauty Spa on their website. It was a bizarre experience (always read reviews!!). The door was locked, I called the number twice no one answered. A man opened the door very confused why I was there. A woman said she’d do my nails (whilst looking annoyed I was there). REALLY unhygienic with nail clippings going everywhere, and the feet bath was disgusting with other peoples nail clippings in. I should have walked out, and the place should be shut’ 

A third commented: ‘I would have done a better job myself blindfolded. The lines of the French manicure are thick, not straight. I left the salon as it was late, though I could bare those lines for few weeks but 2 days later the white tips are dented. I sent an email explaining the situation but no response. I called, Jenny got aggressive and raised her voice;spoke to “a manager” asked to just remove my shellac, no refund request. They told me they have a “24hr policy”which is not displayed anywhere. They hung up.’ 

Tantalizing Beauty Spa in London has been described by its customers as being unhygienic and one person said that they could have done a ‘better job myself blindfolded’ 

Angel Beauty Parlour, Cambridge

What the description says: Angel Beauty Parlour is a chic modern salon located within The Grafton Centre in Cambridge. A sleekly styled manicure and pedicure area lead to individually designed treatment rooms, each providing a splash of colour and guaranteeing a unique experience with every visit.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.5/5

What the customers say: ‘I don’t like to leave negative reviews but my “Spa Manicure” was very disappointing. The staff were sweet and made me feel welcome, but at £26 there was very little attention to detail or pride in quality of work (uneven colour & nail shape, polish left on cuticles) — I could have done a much better job myself. The manicure itself was about half the time stated on Treatwell with multiple changes of staff. I wouldn’t recommend this place for nails, however the queue was out the door for brows.’

Another person left the review: ‘Nail polish unevenly coated between hands (only one coat on one hand). Shellac coat not well applied (on top of some skin as well). Pedicure and manicure set not included, very rough nail file. Nails not filed evenly. Attention of stylist often distracted and not focused on me as a costumer. Would not come again.’

Angel Beauty Parlour in Cambridge describes itself as a chic modern salon with a sleekly styled manicure and pedicure area

Solange Bee Hair & Beauty Salon, Manchester

What the description says: At Solange Bee Hair & Beauty we strive for excellence. Our team of dedicated hairdressers and beauticians are always up for putting customers first. We only provide the best services. Our services included: waxing, threading, all nails services, pedicure, hair colouring, highlights, balayage, LA weave, braided weave, tape extensions; micro-rings, ponytails, all types of braids, eyelash extensions, microblading, lip fillers etc. We also have a wide range of hair extensions to choose from our LUXE collection.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.6/5

What the customers say: ‘Absolutely horrible experience, staff were rude not accommodating. Solange told me to wait 15 minutes which turned into 40 minutes because she was getting her own nails done? Additionally the nails put on were a horrible finish, not neat fell off in5 days ? Bumpy surface. Defo not recommended. Would never go again and don’t recommend anyone to. She was bragging about doing 3 fillers and getting 1K for it, but the hygiene of the place is outrageous and her skills are lacking. Do not book here.’

A second said: ‘Avoid this place at all cost and take the bad reviews seriously, it’s not worth it. Long story short, spent 3hrs to have my nails done due to how disorganised, busy, and chaotic this place was. Equipment were old, unclean and shared between unskilled technician. No care for customers and an unclean environment. Avoid please not worth it, nails were awful and had to fix them myself. Avoid please’

A third commented: ‘I have made an appointment for infills, waited for 25mins! Not even sorry or anything. Sat me down on this dirty desk, seriosuly filfthy!! Her worker say next to her and other was standing behind me..okk felt uncomfortable. Then I realise that all the equipment she used wasnt washed etc, very agreesive with Nail filer, Hasnt done the edges. Looks scruffy and I am so angry that I had booked this. She also coloured my skin and didnt clean, AVOID’ 

Solange Bee Hair & Beauty Salon in Manchester has been described by its customers as an ‘absolutely horrible experience’

Elegance Brows & Nails Lower Mall, Edinburgh

What the description says: Part of a successful chain, Elegance first opened its doors as a professional brow bar in the Overgate Centre in 2010 and has since expanded to offer a complete menu of top to toe beauty treatments in seven locations across Scotland. Now their nail menu alone includes both gel and acrylic extensions and overlays, Vinylux hybrid and CND Shellac polish manicures and pedicures and embellished nail art finishes in chrome, holographic and cracked ice.

Rating: On Treatwell 3.7/5

What the customers say: ‘Made a booking for a gellux manicure and pedicure, did not have my booking in the system. The manicure is not good, all nails filed to different lengths and shapes and the finish of the polish is inconsistent with areas of the nail being polished and others matte, with dimples left in the paint. The pedicure was done in the lap of the stylist and toes were only painted, not a pedicure, told that the shape and placement of my nail was reason it would not dry. Paint left on fingers and toes.’

A second left the review: ‘The nail technicians are had a lot of cluttered stuff around. The girls are not very friendly. Also it’s like when u ask for something as in shape length wise it’s an effort for them definitely won’t be returning. Felt like she was rushing and wanted to get the job done as quick as possible. On the phone a few times while doing my nails very unprofessional.’ 

Elegance Brows & Nails Lower Mall in Edinburgh says that its nail menu alone includes both gel and acrylic extensions and overlays, Vinylux hybrid and CND Shellac polish manicures and pedicures and embellished nail art finishes

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