I thought I found love with a man but he always insists I pay my own way – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I THOUGHT I’d found love with a guy I met on a dating site. But he’s so tight, the relationship seems to be one-way traffic – all his way.

My husband died three years ago. I’m 58 and don’t want to spend the rest of my life on my own. The man I am seeing is 64. He clearly looks after himself but he doesn’t seem generous or kind.

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He always insists I pay my own way and asks questions like how much my house would be worth and how much I’ve got in the bank.

I’ve cooked him meals but he’s only invited to me over to his place once. He served a frugal meal and wouldn’t turn the heating on.

He’s been away for weekends with his friends but he hasn’t asked me. I’m worried that I’m being used.

DEIDRE SAYS: Trust your instincts. He sounds like a man on the make.

What makes you think this is love? Being lonely is hard after sharing your life but don’t sell yourself short. You deserve to be cared for.

Tell this man that you are worth more than him any day. Online dating can work but my e-leaflets Finding The Love Of Your Life and Fifty Plus will give you lots more ideas.

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