TV Ratings: ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2 Averaging 4.6 Million Viewers, Per Nielsen

“Jack Ryan” season 2 could well be one of Amazon’s most-watched shows.

According to Nielsen measurements, the show’s sophomore outing has an average minute audience of over 4.6 million after seven days of delayed viewing, while its premiere episode drew 7.3 million viewers in the same metric over its first seven days of availability. Those numbers represent the largest for any Amazon show that Nielsen has measured.

“Jack Ryan” stars John Krasinski as the titular CIA agent who, in the second season, ventures into a Venezuelan jungle to investigate an illegal arms deal, only to discover a more nefarious plot. The show has already been renewed for a third season, which will see “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring take over the showrunner reins from Carlton Cuse.

The data released by Nielsen also shows season 2 has had a reach of over 9.2 million unique U.S. TV viewers, with about 45% of its average minute audience over the first seven days registering in the key 18-49 demographic.

Season 2 has easily outpaced the first per Nielsen, with 866,000 viewers watching any episode of the second season on its official premiere date, versus 613,000 for season 1 on its Aug. 31, 2018 premiere date.

Amazon pulled a surprise by releasing season 2 early on Halloween, and Nielsen notes it garnered nearly 950,000 viewers on that day.

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