In a Volatile Market, Motley Fools Stock Advisor Tool Can Guide You to Smart Investments

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The entertainment industry is just one sector of many that has seen the effects of a volatile stock market over the past year, along with a prevailing trend of more extreme fluctuations in price.

As of market close June 2, the leading entertainment conglomerates — Disney, Paramount Global and Fox — all underperformed the S&P 500’s 12% gain so far this year. These companies topped an even more woeful first half of 2022, when all the aforementioned businesses were down by double digits in market cap versus the same period a year ago. 

Amidst the turbulence, though, there remains a glimmer of hope for resilient investors as the market continues to show potential for robust returns.

For even the most veteran investors, stock recommendation services can be a helpful guide towards the right investments. The Stock Advisor Tool from Motley Fool, whose stock picks have averaged returns of 558%* over the past two decades, is one of the best services available — and it’s currently 55% off for a limited time.

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How it works? For just $1.52 per week (or $79/year), the service boasts a vast library of financial investment tips and ongoing stock recommendations for your portfolio, including ten starter stocks as well as new stock recommendations sent to your email every month.

Their results over the past seven years speak for themselves: If you had invested $10,000 with Stock Advisor back in 2002 — the year they recommended buying Marvel and Amazon stock — you’d now have more than $300,000 in your investment account.

Plus, every so often, founding CEO Tom Gardner and his team issue a rare ‘Double Down’ recommendation: a chance for investors who missed the boat on a great stock to get in again…and a chance for investors who did buy to add to their gains.

Previous “Double Down” picks include:

— Netflix, up +22,694% since they doubled down on 12/17/2004  
— Amazon, up +1,343% since they doubled down on 12/17/2010  
— Apple, up +3,556% since they doubled down on 6/20/2008

Making sense of the stock market, particularly in the entertainment industry, whose biggest companies are navigating through painful pivots to their money-losing streaming businesses and an interminable writers strike, can feel overwhelming. But stock advisor tools like Motley Fool can guide you to the best decisions without shelling out money to pricey financial advisors.

According to their website, accessible to non-subscribers, the best streaming entertainment stocks right now “include industry pioneer Netflix (NFLX -0.16%), entertainment giant Disney (DIS -1.12%), and streaming platform leader Roku (ROKU -2.03%). Industry newcomers, like Fubo (FUBO -1.99%), are also worth researching.”

These recommendations, which are just the fundamentals of their much more robust analysis offered to subscribers, come from Motley Fool’s vast library of exclusive data and team’s impressive financial literacy.

Learn more about Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor tool here, and subscribe below:

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