Inside the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ BBC royal documentary The Queen had banned from TV

Prince William and Kate Middleton have boycotted the BBC over its damaging claims in a new royal documentary.

The Cambridges have banned the network from airing their special Christmas Carol concert after the programme The Princes and The Press made ‘overblown and unfounded claims’ about William and Harry.

Expert Angela Mollard told The Morning Show: “It is enormously shortsighted of the BBC. This behaviour is disappointing.”

But it’s not the BBC’s first royal show to raise eyebrows.

Back in 1969 the royals starred in a fly-on-the-wall show, revealing life behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace. But the Queen was so upset by the programme, she banned it altogether!

Simply titled ‘Royal Family’, the BBC documentary, aired on June 21 1969.

The reality-style show – a bit like The Kardashians! – saw a film crew follow the family for 12 months. The footage was then boiled down into a 2-hour film.

350 million viewers worldwide plonked on their sofas to take a peek at what the Queen and Prince Philip were really like.

The film gave the Queen such worry that, apparently, she ordered that it should be locked away in a vault and never shown again.

But what was it that made Her Majesty so uneasy?

Viewers were treated to intimate details of Her Majesty’s life, from chatting at the breakfast table to relaxing by the fire and browsing expensive jewels.

One surprising clip saw a teenage Prince Charles chopping a lettuce up at a barbecue in Balmoral – we thought their staff did everything!

In another scene, viewers saw the Queen take four-year-old Prince Edward to the shop to buy an ice cream.

Her Majesty had a chat with the shopkeeper and paid with money from her purse. She was then heard voicing concern about the sweet treat making a mess in the car.

The public were hooked, but the Queen changed her mind and decided the film was ‘too intrusive’. On Her Majesty’s orders, it’s been hidden in the BBC vaults ever since.

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Apparently the royals didn’t like being filmed and, according to the Telegraph, it’s why the Queen didn’t make her televised Christmas Speech that year.

But despite the Queen’s reluctance, the film is still knocking about.

Little clips have been released for special occasions like Philip’s 90th birthday and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Then hit Netflix show The Crown made a whole episode about it in 2019!

That same year, the full film was leaked for a brief time on YouTube and amassed an impressive 10,000 views.

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