Jennifer Lopez Is Now Matching Her Bedazzled Cups to Her Outfits

Find yourself someone who loves you as much as Jennifer Lopez loves her custom-made bedazzled cups. The superstar has been spotted more often with her trusty reusable cup (eco-friendly!) than anyone or anything else these days and her latest outing ups the ante on glam and takes the whole Jennifer Lopez of it all to a whole new place. Vogue reports that during her latest tour stop in Moscow, Lopez was seen with her cup — but the magazine noted that she actually matched her outfit to it, which may be the most J.Lo thing that J.Lo's ever done.

Rumored to hold everything from water to iced coffee (and maybe whatever's in the fountain of youth), the cup has become Lopez's most trusted companion. And while it's usually the star of her off-duty outfits, shining bright against a backdrop of athleisure, she coordinated her robe to it after her Moscow show. In addition to the cup, Lopez was wearing a costume from the It's My Party tour (in this case, a neon green showstopper that included plenty of rhinestones and lots of skin) underneath a Versace bathrobe, complete with the brand's signature ornate filigree design and allover logo.

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The green outfit's crystals mirrored Lopez's cup, so both of them shone pretty brightly, even though it was long after sunset when she was snapped with her trusty sipper.

Looking for a sparkling cup of your own (even Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, has one)? Head to TaylorMade Bling, where Teneka Moore will give just about anything the rhinestone treatment. Moore takes orders via DM, so just about anyone can get in on a piece of Lopez's over-the-top style. As for a blinged-out Technicolor cutout leotard with matching over-the-knee boots, you're on your own for that.

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