John Lewis is selling huge single-flavour bags of Quality Street for a fiver

A top-notch Bargain hunter from Thame near Oxford spotted a once-in-a-lifetime find in her local John Lewis yesterday.

Lisa Truett shared her amazing find with the popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK after she snapped up two massive bags of single-type Quality Street chocolates.

The bags, which weighed in at 1.2kg – just under double a regular 650g tin – were priced at £5 in John Lewis and were entirely made up of a single type of the sweets.

Lisa, picked up a bag of the Orange Creams, an orange fondant coated in milk chocolate, and another of the Green Triangles, a milk chocolate outer filled with hazelnut praline.

Captioning her photos of the ginormous bags, she said: “Hay anyone love quality street – John Lewis are selling 1.2kg bags of single flavour for £5 in store :)”

She added: “*use by date of 30/04/20.”

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If you think you could guzzle 1.2kg of the sweet stuff in 3 and a half months then try checking out your local John Lewis as the deal is not listed online.

It’s likely that the mega bags are surplus stock from the retailer’s Christmas customise-your-own box deal where shoppers could pick any variety of Quality Street to fill their tin.

While a regular 650g box of the chocolates is likely to cost around £4 in major supermarkets, the customisable box is priced at £15 for a personalised tin, £12 for a collectors edition and £10 if you bring your old tins.

The customisable service was available at 17 locations across the UK.

Other bargain-loving group members were excited by the deal and happily tagged friends and family to request a trip to John Lewis.

One fan said: “Omg am going at the weekend.”

A second wrote: “I was thinking they should do this yesterday!! I have a tub of gold and reds we don’t eat!”

And a third said: “omg I need these they wouldn’t even last the day.”

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Among the groups a clear trend for favourites emerged with many expressing the need for the cream-filled chocolates, such as the Orange or Strawberry Creams, while Toffee Pennies seemed to come out as the loser.

One fan commented: “I gather toffee pennies are not very popular, myself and my daughter on the other hand love them.

“I will happily take in any unwanted toffee pennies.”

You can go to the John Lewis Pick & Mix page to find a store near you.

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