Katie Price’s ex Kieran Hayler and fiancee Michelle Penticost are expecting their first child together: ‘We weren’t being careful’

With three children aged 10 and under, it’s fair to say that Kieran Hayler and fiancée Michelle Penticost have their hands full. However, life is about to get even more hectic as the couple exclusively reveal to new magazine that they’re expecting a baby!

Former stripper Kieran, 33, shares Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with his reality star ex-wife Katie Price – who he tells us will be finding out his news through this article.

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“We’re living different lives now,” he says. “I don’t know what’s going on in her life, she doesn’t know what’s going on in my life. All we need to speak about is the kids.”

Jett and Bunny are now step-siblings to Michelle’s 10-year-old son Valentino and, as you can see from our exclusive shoot pictures, they can’t wait to welcome their family’s latest member in August.

When we give Kieran and air hostess Michelle, 39, a call, they are relieved that she is starting to feel better after suffering horrendous morning sickness.

“It’s been awful but I didn’t want to take any medication
that might risk the health of the baby,” Michelle says. “Luckily, I’m starting to feel a lot better now and we’re really excited to announce our news to the world.”

Here, the couple, who got engaged in the Maldives a year ago, open up about cementing their family with a new baby, overcoming racist trolls and their plans to marry next year…

Congratulations on your wonderful news! When did you find out?

Michelle: Thank you! We found out in the last week of November.

Kieran: That’s what happens when you get put into lockdown [laughs]. Michelle is pretty regimented with her menstrual cycles so when it didn’t come around, we did a test straight away.

Were you trying for a baby or was it a surprise?

Michelle: We were trying.

Kieran: We weren’t being careful. We knew that we wanted to have a baby together.

Tell us how you felt the moment you found out you were expecting, Michelle…

Michelle: Overwhelmed! I was so happy but nervous as well.

Kieran: It’s a massive commitment. It’s nice to bring families together, like Michelle and Valentino with me, Jett and Bunny. It will bring us together as a whole family and cements us forever.

Michelle, how long did it take for you to tell Kieran the news?

Michelle: Literally straight away!

Kieran: Literally! She said she was going to the toilet and that I’d find out as soon as she did!

Ha! Are you one of those couples who share everything?

Kieran: Yeah, of course. You can’t keep something like that from each other.

Kieran, what was your reaction to the news?

Kieran: I was so happy. As you get older, it’s a relief that you can still produce children!

Michelle: [To Kieran] You’re not that old!

Kieran: I’m not old! But I do feel old. Everything is working, which is good [laughs]. I’m overjoyed for new beginnings.

So how far along are you, Michelle? Has the morning sickness really been that bad?

Michelle: I am just over four months. The sickness has been awful! I’m still ill.

Kieran: Yeah, horrendous! She’s still struggling but she’s being a trouper.

Michelle: I’ve been very dehydrated, I couldn’t drink.
They said if I wanted to go on tablets I could, but the midwife advised me not to unless I wasn’t able to eat any food. I was eating even though drinking was hard. There can be some risk to the baby with the tablets, so because I was OK eating I just got on with it.

Kieran: She’s done very well. I’m really proud of her.

Has Kieran been a big support while you haven’t been feeling well, Michelle?

Michelle: He’s been super-good. If I say I really want something…

Kieran: I’m out there getting it! She gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Even just looking after the kids…

Michelle: Yeah, doing stuff with them while I’ve been in bed! Quite a few people thought we’d split up [laughs].

Kieran: I’m on Instagram and they see me with the kids, usually I’m all about everything being all five of us. But recently they’ve seen more of the kids and not much of Michelle, because she’s been in bed! I’ve had so many messages asking if we’re still together or if we’ve split up. If only they actually knew!

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Well, we can safely say that you’re still together! Do you know if you’re having a boy or girl yet?

Kieran: No, we haven’t found out. Because we’ve both had kids before, we’re a bit torn. We’ll either leave it for a special surprise or find out so we can really plan!

Are you secretly hoping for one or the other?

Kieran: I think Michelle would secretly like a girl because then she’s not so outnumbered by the boys.

Michelle: Bunny is such a dream that it would be so nice. But we don’t mind.

We’re taking it Katie isn’t aware yet…

Kieran: Nope!

Will she find out through this interview?

Kieran: Yeah. At the end of the day, we’re living different lives now. I think she’s trying for a baby because I’ve seen pictures of her boyfriend Carl [Woods] with a pregnancy test [laughs]. I don’t know what’s going on in her life, she doesn’t know what’s going on in my life. All we need to speak about is the kids.

Would you be surprised if she was also expecting a baby with Carl?

Kieran: Probably not! It’s being spoken about all the time and if they are, then congratulations to them.

What do you think of him? How has the dynamic been since he entered the picture?

Kieran: All that’s changed is Kate now lives two hours away from school in Essex. It’s a long trip for the kids, but it’s a decision she made and I can’t do anything about it. When they are with us, they’re 15 to 20 minutes from school. She seems happy with Carl and that’s all we can wish for.

Does anyone else know that you’re expecting?

Kieran: Both our mums and you! It’s been so difficult not to tell everyone. But the mums were so happy!

Michelle: Kieran’s mum actually guessed. I told her I wasn’t feeling good…

Kieran: And she said, “You’re pregnant!”

How do Bunny, Jett and Valentino feel about it?

Kieran: They are so excited!

Michelle: We’ve been asking them for a long time about whether they’d like another brother or sister and they
can’t wait.

What kind of roles do you think they’ll play?

Michelle: Bunny will be amazing.

Kieran: She’ll basically think she’s got a new dolly to play with.

Michelle: Yeah. Valentino always says he wants a brother or sister, so does Jett.

Kieran: It’s really nice, because Valentino’s always been by himself and then he had Jett and Bunny come in. It’s given him good practice for a new baby. It’ll be really nice because it will bond them and us as a family. We’ll all become one.

How will the household change with a baby?

Michelle: We’ve just got to make sure all the children feel included.

Kieran: It will just bring us closer together.

What kind of parents would you say you are?

Michelle: The best! [Laughs]

Kieran: I don’t want to give myself a big head, but I think
I pretty much smash being a good dad [laughs]. We live for our children.

Who’s the most strict?

Michelle: He is!

Kieran: OK, I’m quite strict. But that’s because I have to parent from both sides. Kate has made it very public that she’s not the strict one, whereas me and Peter [Andre] are.

Michelle: I wouldn’t say you were strict, you just have boundaries.

Kieran: And if they push those boundaries, there are consequences. They have their iPad or favourite toy taken away. I think Pete and I are similar in that way.

Michelle: You get a lot more respect as a parent that way.

What’s parenting been like for you in lockdown? How have you found entertaining three children?

Kieran: We’re quite lucky that our kids are into the outdoors. They love it! Homeschooling has been tough. It’s so hard to be a teacher and a parent. It’s really good they’ve gone back to school. Life for them has gone back to normal.

How have you found co-parenting in lockdown? Has Katie been cooperative?

Kieran: It’s pretty much the same. We have a split 50/50. We’ve stuck to the schedule.

Are you proud that you’ve managed to create a strong blended family?

Kieran: Yeah! I think it’s quite an achievement. I can imagine some people find it quite tough. I’ve had the luxury of having that in the past with Junior, Princess and Harvey, so for me it’s been an easy transition. Same for Jett and Bunny, they’ve been very adaptable. They’ve seen Junior and Princess go to Pete. So now they see Valentino as the same. It’s worked very well.

Michelle: Yeah, it’s a hard thing to blend two families. Valentino was an only child, so he wasn’t used to sharing. He’s also a bit older. I think the younger they are, the easier it is for them to adapt.

Kieran: Jett and Bunny aren’t as set in their ways. Valentino needs his own space sometimes. It’s the same for anyone, but with Jett and Bunny they can be quite full-on because they want to play all the time. It’s the same with Junior and Princess – I’m sure they want time in their rooms by themselves or where they film YouTube videos. They are very adaptable. It’s just life! Everything that’s happened in their life has set them up for this.

Have you managed to have much alone time in lockdown?

Kieran: Because Jett and Bunny go to Kate 50/50, I can
see Michelle and Valentino. Because Valentino is that little bit older, he can work on his laptop and doesn’t have to be there 100% of the time.

Michelle: I feel we had much more fun in the first lockdown. This last one for me has been a lot harder because I’ve been so ill.

Have you kept up with having nice date nights?

Kieran: We ordered a five-course meal on Valentine’s Day and we’ve had a takeaway afternoon tea. But Michelle’s been ill and not in the mood to do anything other than lie in bed. It’s horrible, I’ve never experienced morning sickness.

The last time we spoke to you you’d just got engaged. How has your relationship been since then?

Kieran: Pretty good! But lockdown does take the fun out of everything. To be honest, we enjoy the simple things in life. We’re easy like that. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy each other’s company.

Were you pleased you got pregnant before getting married?

Michelle: As you get older you hear of fertility dropping, so we didn’t know how long it would take. It could have taken years! We were hoping to get married this summer, but obviously lockdown meant it’s been put on the back burner. With all the backlog of weddings, this year is just going to be a no-no.

Kieran: Trust me, I don’t want six people at my wedding [laughs]. So it’s been a bit of a blessing really to have the baby first because actually we can have the baby and then Michelle can get her body back…

Michelle: Cheeky!

Kieran: You can bounce back!

When will the big day be?

Kieran: I imagine it will be
next summer.

Michelle: We’ve done some things. Like I’ve chosen my bridesmaids and we did a little bridesmaids’ party when I was allowed. I’ve bought the dress! We’ve done everything we can without losing money.

Can you tell us much about
the dress?

Michelle: Oh! It’s such a one-off. It’s beautiful. I was with my mum when I found it and she loved it just as much. That day was just perfect.

Is Katie still welcome at the wedding?

Kieran: If she wants to come, she can come! I’m pretty sure she won’t want to, but whatever. It is what it is.

Do you think you’ll be invited to Katie and Carl’s big day?

Kieran: No chance! It’s inappropriate to invite your
ex to a wedding.

Michelle: Unless you’re really good friends with them.

Kieran: Yeah! We just get on because of the kids. Other than that there’s no reason for us to be in each other’s lives. We’re moving on. She’s happy and I’m happy.

Do you mind your kids being in the media thanks to their life with Katie?

Kieran: The only downfall is they grow up too quickly. It’s difficult to keep them as young as their age because there’s a lot going on on social media and in the press.

How do you manage what they see on social media?

Kieran: By keeping them off it! I’m very strict on them not being allowed to watch YouTube videos at mine.

Do you get much trolling on social media?

Kieran: Oh yeah, all the time. But if they do say anything I just block them. I’d rather not have the followers.

What’s the worst thing they’ve said?

Kieran: We get death threats all the time.

Michelle, is this anything you’ve experienced since dating Kieran?

Michelle: Yeah, I have and I found it really hard, especially in the beginning.

Kieran: Some people make racist remarks and it’s not acceptable.

Michelle: Yeah, about Valentino. Then personal things about Jett and Bunny, like when Jett had long hair. They say things about my weight and Kieran’s looks.

That’s so awful!

Michelle: I’d never message anyone anything nasty about their looks, their colour or anything! Especially to the
kids, it shouldn’t be allowed. I find it hard not to comment! But the times I have, you get even worse things back.

Let’s end on a positive note – do you feel like this will complete your family? Or are you hoping for more children in the future?

Kieran: Oh, this will make us complete.

Michelle: Well… if I have a boy then we might need to have a girl.

Kieran: We haven’t spoken about this! We will have to see what happens.

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