Man who scares women shows what he looked like 3 years ago – before face ink

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    A young man revealed how much his face has changed in just three years thanks to an extreme tattoo transformation that “scares women away”.

    Tristan Weigelt, 27, decided to cover almost every inch of his body in ink – much to the disappointment of his parents.

    Satisfied with his bold choices, the American gave his 72,000 Instagram followers an insight into exactly how he has used his face as a canvas.

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    Sharing the spectacular pictures online, he wrote: “Swipe for evolution. Three years between first and last.”

    The before and after snaps split opinion – and one person wrote: “Wow, all the hate in these comments. I’d rather be judged and express who I am than be a spiteful person hating from behind a screen. Beautiful tattoos keep doing you.”

    A less impressed user wrote: “Face tattoos are a no no. There is better ways to seek attention. Excuse the pun but I cannot get my head around it. Nobody will ever change the way I feel about it.”

    Another social media account asked Tristan whether he had any regrets, before he responded with a resounding no.

    A fourth comment read: “Omg he was so good looking before.”

    And a fifth person remarked: “You had a great blank canvas to start and then created a wonderful piece of art. Congrats.”

    Tristan, who had the makeover after moving to Copenhagen from the States, has spent an estimated 260 hours under the needle and he previously told Daily Star how his mum and dad “hate” his body art.

    He now has almost 100% of his skin covered in ink – with only his palms, private parts and bottom of his feet and ears spared.

    The art has cost him a total of £40,000 and most of his designs are inspired by “Japanese tradition”, including a dragon on his back.

    Tristan previously spoke to us about how his dramatic aesthetic is perceived in public.

    He said: “It scares a lot of women away but apart from that there hasn’t been any backlash. Most people are really positive.

    “A lot of people stare and are pretty fascinated. My friends now say that it’s almost like walking around with a celebrity.”

    And having endured so many hours being worked on, he also mentioned the most excruciating body parts to get tattooed.

    He said: “My face and the back of my head were without doubt the most painful experience, both during and after.

    “It was six full day sessions taking between five and six hours and the pain was probably an eight out of 10. It’s like being scraped with a metal brush.”

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