Virgin River star pays tribute to beautiful cast ahead of season 5

Virgin River: Season 5 Part 1 trailer

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Virgin River.

Netflix’s Virgin River will return to screens next month with twelve new episodes. However, the upcoming fifth season will be split into two parts.

The first ten episodes will be released on September 7, while two holiday episodes will air on November 30.

And one of the show’s stars has paid a “beautiful” tribute to his fellow cast members before the upcoming season starts back.

Kai Bradbury, who plays Denny Cutler on the show, spoke on the Chatting with B YouTube channel, where he answered questions from fans.

When asked what his favourite thing was about being on set, Kai revealed: “It’s such a gift being on set. I think my favourite thing is spending time with the cast.”

He also spoke about his enjoyment in “running to” the snack table, also known as “craft services.”

The actor remarked: “We like doing runs for hot drinks and snacks.”

Kai joined the hit Netflix show during season three’s cliffhanger, with the shock announcement that he was Doc Mullins’ (Tim Matheson) grandson.

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Given that Doc had no idea that he even had a son, it was quite the surprise to find out that he had a secret grandchild.

In the latest season viewers got to find out more about the new arrival.

After some rather suspicious behaviour all season long – from breaking into the clinic’s medicine cabinet and making a large deposit to a bank, to playing hot-and-cold with Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) – it culminates in the season four finale when it is announced that Denny has a degenerative condition called Huntington’s Disease.

It is not yet known how his condition will affect future storylines.

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Kai praised his fellow actors when speaking with host Billinda as he continued: “I like picking other actor’s brains and chatting in the cast tents, when we’re between scenes and between setups.”

The actor concluded: “It’s just such a wonderful work environment and all those people are just so beautiful, inside and out. It just makes our jobs so much easier.”

Fans don’t have long to wait to see what the latest set of episodes will have in store for Denny and the other beloved characters, as the show returns next month.

Seasons 1-4 of Virgin River are available to stream on Netflix, with season 5 part 1 airing on September 7.

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