Marilyn Monroe lookalike's stomach-churning pregnancy reveal

‘I can’t believe he ate that’: Marilyn Monroe lookalike tells her husband she’s pregnant in a VERY stomach-churning manner

  • Jasmine Chiswell, 29, from Scotland, shocked fans with the ‘gross’ act
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A popular influencer left draws dropping when she revealed her pregnancy to her husband in the most ‘gross’ way.

Jasmine Chiswell, 29, who is originally from Lanarkshire, Scotland – who’s a Marilyn Monroe lookalike – shared the big reveal on her TikTok account.

The video opens up with Jasmine sweetly preparing an epic dessert comprising of ice-cream, sliced strawberries and delicious wafers for her husband Maverick at their home – the Hollywood mansion Monroe shared with husband Joe DiMaggio in the 1950s.

However things took a queasy turn when the mother-of-one secretly hid the positive pregnancy test in a cup of ice cream, and innocently walked over to hand it to him.

The act divided opinions with some fans loving the surprise, while others questioned if she did it to spite her husband.

Jasmine Chiswell, 29, from Scotland, has revealed her second pregnancy to husband Maverick (pictured) in the most ‘gross’ way

The TikTok star made her husband queasy after inserting a pregnancy test into an otherwise scrumptious dessert

The mother-of-one is pregnant with her second child, and is known for her resemblance to Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe

Jasmine said to husband Maverick: ‘Okay Maverick we got your ice-cream!’ 

Although initially pleased with the treat, he responds: ‘This looks terrible!’ 

Jasmine then adorably reassures him, adding: ‘It’s extra sweet and they put a nice little new extra surprise in there for you.’

‘That makes me not want to eat it,’ Maverick responded. ‘What the hell is in here? I’m scared.’

Maverick and their baby son Midnight, one, playfully take a dig at the ice-cream and fail to notice the pregnancy test – with Maverick asking ‘What the f**k is this?’

‘It’s your surprise!’ Jasmine says. 

Maverick then wolfs down a huge chunk of the ice-cream covered pregnancy stick, before noticing what it is and becoming so grossed out to the point of almost vomiting.

Taking the ordeal in jest, he jokingly remarks: ‘At least you’re pregnant!’

The hilarious clip has been viewed over eight million times, and has raked in over 12,000 comments.

The couple’s first son, Midnight, (his hand is pictured left) innocently attempts a dig at the gruesome treat – while his father appears visibly shocked at its contents

One person responded to the video saying: ‘No he didn’t!!’

Another said: ‘Y’all must’ve been in argument or something I don’t know.’

Someone else said: ‘I’m calling the cops right now.’

Meanwhile others didn’t take too kindly to the joke as one person said: ‘Would of at least wrapped it in clean film to protect the ice cream.’ 

The crazy antic divided opinions with some finding it hilarious, while others criticised the mum for the gross move 

Another said: ‘That’s dangerous he could of ate it.’ 

TikTok star Jasmine has grown a dedicated social media following thanks to her spot-on Marilyn Monroe impersonations and vintage clothing – even inspiring her husband, Maverick McNeilly to wear vintage clothing too. 

The couple actually live in the Hollywood mansion Monroe shared with husband Joe DiMaggio in the 1950s, with Jasmine taking social media by storm after she began sharing video tours of her home. 

And last year, she made headlines when she revealed she’d been receiving death threats for naming her first son Midnight.

Jasmine, who now has 16 million followers on TikTok, shared the video, telling fans her one-month-old baby is called Midnight – and since then, she says she has been receiving death threats over the name. 

Jasmine is a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe, now living in the dead star’s Hollywood mansion. She grew a huge online following after sharing home video tours

Jasmine, pictured here with her husband Maverick McNeilly, revealed her baby’s name on a TikTok video, receiving both negative and positive comments

Among the cruel comments, one TikTok user said the name should be ‘illegal’, and another said they had a soft toy with the same moniker

In a TikTok video, the star said: ‘My husband and I were nervous about sharing his name online, but with everyone asking we thought, “Okay it’s time, let’s do it”.

‘So I made a video and I posted it two days ago and the comment section was, oh my goodness, brutal.

‘My husband and I both absolutely love the name and we aren’t going to change it, but the comments were literally bullying my three-week-old son.’

She added that the comments made her ‘really, really sad’.   

‘People were also sending my husband and I death threats through DMs just over my babies name,’ Jasmine revealed.

‘That is extremely unfair and not okay. We didn’t expect everyone to like the name, it is one of those names you either love it or hate it.

‘But please be kind and if you don’t like it, please just scroll by.’

Among the cruel comments about the name was one saying it should be ‘illegal’ to call your child Midnight.

‘They should’ve known it was gonna be a bad name if they were embarrassed of it theirselves. Why would they do that to the poor kid? Should be illegal,’ it said.

Another commentator mocked the name writing: ‘I had a stuffed animal cow when I was in kindergarten and I named him Midnight. Loved him. lol.’  

Jasmine has asked people to ‘please be kind’ and ‘just scroll by’ if they don’t like the name she has picked for her baby

Despite the backlash Jasmine received over her son’s name, many of her fans were supportive of her decision to call him Midnight

However, many were supportive of the unusual moniker, with one writing: ‘Midnight is cute. It’s unique! Unique baby names are the best. Sorry his name isn’t Jason or Jerry, so basic.’

Another said: ‘His name is beautiful and your whole vibe is so wonderful and comforting. I’m so sorry you’re receiving such horrible comments.’

And a third added: ‘I think it’s a gorgeous name! I’m so sorry you have to put up with this, people can be so mean! Congrats on being a mama btw!’ 

It’s been an eventful few weeks for the social media star, who disclosed earlier this month that her Hollywood home is haunted.

Jasmine has built a huge online following thanks to her spot-on impersonations of Marilyn, as well as her pictures sharing her vintage fashion finds

Appearing on This Morning she claimed to have had paranormal experiences in the house, including hearing ‘weird voices’ and footsteps, and that guests in the house have felt a presence ‘hugging’ them. 

Speaking on the programme, she said: ‘So many weird things have happened.

‘My husband and I have tried to debunk the things we hear, but so many people have experiences things we just can’t explain.

‘People feel like they’re getting hugged, we have heard some weird voices weird voices, and we hear footsteps every single night, it happens all the time.’ 

Built in 1938, Monroe’s 3,335-square-foot 160-acre park Runyon Canyon home boasts four bedrooms, a spa, and a pool 

Monroe shared the home with husband Joe DiMaggio (pictured) with whom she had a famously tumultuous and short-lived marriage, during the 1950s

She explained: ‘We’ve tried everything. ‘We’ve tried driving different cars to see if it’s the road, we had the house checked to see if it was animals, but we don’t know where it’s coming from.

‘We’re just both not sure, but we’ve had a psychic over who believes it is her and Joe and possibly another ghost that likes to play tricks.’

Built in 1938, the walled and gated home overlooks the 160-acre park Runyon Canyon and boasts four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, a ‘tower room’ – now used as an office – and a living room with a wood-beamed ceiling.

The 3,335-square-foot house also includes a two-car garage, a grotto-like pool and spa on the 8,228-square-foot grassy lot.

According to property records, the home was listed for sale in late December 2018 for $2.695 million (£2.18million) and sold in February last year for $2.727 million (£2.2 million) – $32,000 (£24,300) over the asking price.

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