Marvel's new podcast celebrates Marvels 25th anniversary

It’s a big year for Marvel. In addition to all its current comics (like House of X and Powers of X), the publisher is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a special giant-sized issue. On top of that, 2019 also marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic comic Marvels, an everyman’s view of the early Marvel Universe written by Kurt Busiek and painted by Alex Ross. To mark that milestone, Marvel’s latest scripted podcast will be an adaptation of Marvels, due out later this year.

Like previous Marvel podcasts Wolverine: The Lost Trail and Wolverine: The Long Night, Marvels will feature voice actors portraying Marvel comic characters. Actor and rapper Clifford “Method Man” Smith will play Ben Urich, The Daily Bugle’s star reporter. Seth Barrish (Billions) takes on the role of Marvels’ everyman photographer protagonist, Phil Sheldon, and AnnaSophia Robb (of Hulu’s The Act) will play Marcia Hardesty.

Although the original Marvels comic spanned from 1939 to the ’70s, this podcast will focus specifically on the aftermath of the Fantastic Four’s first battle against the world eater Galactus. One intrepid photographer (Sheldon), an ambitious college student (Hardesty), and a cynical journalist (Urich) embark on an investigation to confirm or debunk one of the most superpowered conspiracy theories of all time — because in the same way that some real-life conspiracists think the moon landing was fake, some inhabitants of the Marvel Universe think Galactus’ invasion was fake!

The entire Fantastic Four will be involved in the story. Louisa Krause plays Sue Storm, Jake Hart voices Ben Grimm, and Ehad Berisha is Johnny Storm.

The 10-episode Marvels podcast will debut on Stitcher Premium this fall, before going wide next year.

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