Mila Kunis Confirms Ashton Kutcher Hospitalization, Calls Him Out for That '70s Show Lie on Hot Ones

The actress — who is the latest celebrity to take on the “Hot Ones” challenge — drank ranch dressing at one point.

Mila Kunis called out her husband Ashton Kutcher’s “lies” while appearing on the latest episode of “Hot Ones.”

During the interview, which was posted on Thursday, the actress hilariously attempted to eat spicy hot wings as she answered a wide-ranging series of questions — from what it’s like being neighbors with Conan O’Brien to a compromise she made while designing her home with Kutcher.

At one point, Kunis, 38, was asked to “fact-check” some things that Kutcher said when he appeared on the “Hot Ones” back in 2019. And according to the “Bad Moms” star, her husband didn’t always tell the truth — or at least not the whole truth — during his appearance on the viral video series.

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In his interview, Kutcher, 43, — who played Steve Jobs in the 2013 film, “Jobs,” — recalled how he was hospitalized for pancreatitis after drinking too much carrot juice while following Jobs’ fruitarian diet to prepare for the role.

“Hot Ones” host Sean Evans brought this up to Kunis, who confirmed Kutcher’s hospitalization, but said her husband was “downplaying” the severity of what went down.

“He was so dumb,” she said. “He also, I think, only ate grapes at one point.”

“It’s so stupid,” she added. “We ended up in the hospital twice with pancreatitis. So, fact check, yes, it was really dumb.”

The “Friends with Benefits” star went on to catch Kutcher in a lie after she was asked about his claim that he had “gotten rid” of all of his clothes from “That ’70s Show,” such as trucker hats and suede jackets.

“What are you talking about?” Kunis said to Kutcher, who was on the “Hot Ones” set with her. “You didn’t get rid of anything. You have plenty of trucker hats and the entire ’70s’ wardrobe is downstairs. What is this?”

Kutcher hilariously yelled off-camera in response. Kunis smiled, saying, “lies, lies.”

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At another point in the interview, the “Family Guy” star spoke about designing her family’s L.A. home and revealed a hilarious compromise she had to make with Kutcher.

“I am 5’4 on a good day. My husband’s 6’3. Our house is built for 6’3. I am, at all times, on tippy-toes,” Kunis said. “So I felt like that was a really good marriage compromise I made. I have ladders everywhere. I have a ladder in the closet. I have a ladder in the kitchen. I can’t reach things!”

Later, the “Bad Moms Christmas” actress opened up about being neighbors with Conan O’Brien and was asked to name a pro and con about living near the comedian.

“Oh my god, I love Conan. … I don’t have a con. Conan is one of the greatest — have you met him?” Kunis asked Evans, who admitted he hasn’t met the late-night host, but really wants to get him on the show. Kunis said she’d “help” Evans out.

“He’s just Conan,” she explained. “There’s no other secondary version. Who he is on his shows is who he is in real life and so often talk show hosts are one way necessarily and then sometimes in private they’re very different. Conan is just even keel, normal family, normal life, normal human being. I love Conan O’Brien.”

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Meanwhile, when it came to how she handled the hot wings, Kunis — who said in the beginning that she’s has a “low tolerance for spicy food” — struggled, but managed, to power through the first seven rounds. However, things really took a turn when she reached the eighth hot sauce, the infamous Da Bomb.

Like previous celebrities, the mom of two started to become a little loopy due to the heat. However, unlike other stars, Kunis tried a different approach to cool down her palette by drinking some ranch dressing.

“That’s a bad idea,” she said after hitting the ranch and then went back to drinking milk and ice water.

“I think this just killed my insides,” Kunis said of the super spicy wing. “This is not going to be fun coming out.”‘

See more from Kunis — and whether or not she made it through the final two wings —  in the full clip, above!

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