Model and YouTube star earns £3m in a month selling sizzling snaps on OnlyFans

Blonde bombshell Corinna Kopf has revealed that she earned an incredible $4.2million (£3million) on OnlyFans in just one month…

The model started her subscription nudes page in June, but came under criticism for posting content that had already been uploaded to Instagram.

Corinna took to Twitter before opening her OnlyFans account claiming she would start posting snaps if she got 500,000 likes on her announcement tweet.

The gamer and influencer explained in a vlog with YouTuber David Dobrik that her plan had raked in 4.2million (£3million) in 30 days.

OnlyFans is a hosting site used by sex workers where content creators post risqué photos and videos in exchange for a monthly access fee.

And, Corinna revealed that her first topless snap raked in $165,000 (£118,000).

It’s important to note that OnlyFans models who make such incredible figures usually have an in-built fan base from other social media accounts.

Corinna, 25, boasts over a million YouTube subscribers and has 6million Instagram followers.

Women who start up on the site without a substantial fan base are unlikely to make anywhere near as much money.

Corinna’s income from OnlyFans likely means that she is one of the most profitable figures on the site, reports The Sun.

And, she’s already put down $400,000 (£287,000) on a Ferrari and moved into a new home just before starting to post her photos.

The model’s fans pay $25 a month (£18) to see her raunchy images.

But, some have expressed disappointment and claim she’s re-posting her Insta content.

A Twitter poster said: “You just posting Instagram content this a L scam.”

However, Corinna debunked the issue and said: “People who think my OnlyFans is about to be just 'Instagram content'… you’re dead wrong.

“If I posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked…just wait…"

Plus, she added: "If you don’t buy my OnlyFans I’m deleting it."

Previously, a mum-of-two turned to subscription site MyFet and became a dominatrix to pay her bills.

Meanwhile, an OnlyFans model expressed frustration that men would no longer date her after finding out her job.

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