Mother shares images of the mess her son created in her bedroom

Grounds for divorce? Mother reveals how her cream carpets and bed frame were RUINED by her toddler who got hold of her make-up while his ‘dad was in charge’

  • Mollie Harper took to British Facebook group ‘We Love Mrs Hinch’ to share story
  • She said her son Lewis was able to get hold of her make up while she was away
  • Images show carpets smeared with lipstick and towels covered in foundation

An exasperated mother has taken to social media to reveal the mess her son was able to create when he was left unattended with her make-up.

Mollie Harper took to the British Facebook group ‘We Love Mrs Hinch’ to share the stained cream carpet and littered space she was left cleaning after her son Lewis was left to his own devices while she was away working.     

Taking to the social media platform she explained: ‘My son got a hold of my make up while I was working and while his dad was in charge! 

The mother took to the British Facebook group ‘We Love Mrs Hinch’ to share the mess her son Lewis was able to create when left unattended

The images showed lipstick smeared the bed’s frame (left) and Mollie’s cream carpet covered with various powders (right)

While left unattended Mollie’s son was able to cover the room with her cosmetic products

‘In October after a lot of tears, sweat, blood.. we have a new bedroom, and our son has a new room too! Just blinds & fairy lights to go up!’

In a series of pictures shared on Facebook, users were left open-mouthed at the sight of a wooden bed frame smeared with lipstick, carpets stained with blusher and towels covered in what appeared to be various creams and foundations.  

Following the unfortunate mishap, Mollie decided to give her bedroom a complete revamp and shared pictures of her new and improved room complete with clean cream carpets, pristine white draws and not a make-up product in sight. 

She also shared a picture of son’s startled face immediately after the comical incident next to the caption: ‘His brows are on point’

Mollie told other social media users that her son had managed to get his hands on the product while she was away working

Mollie (left) shared a picture of her son (right)  immediately after the comical incident and told social media users she now had a new bedroom

The amused mother later admitted to her social media followers that she was now in search of a ‘good door lock’ to prevent such an incident from ever taking place again.

She said: ‘So as many of you remember our little accident on my birthday!! A month on and we have came leaps and bounds. 

‘Lewis is now upstairs, (his room is messy so not going to post a photo) but it is very cute! And we stole Lewis’s old room which is smaller! Still got lots to do but finally… we have a bed. Can anyone recommend a good door lock??’ 

Following the comical tale, social media users rushed to share their comments  on the scenario Mollie was left dealing with last month.

Mollie later shared another post on her profile where she admitted she was now looking for a good lock 

In a series of pictures Mollie showed social media users what her bedroom now looked like 

Following the unfortunate incident, Mollie shared a glimpse of her new and improved bedroom which consisted of cream carpets and pristine white walls (left and right)

Mollie’s new room showed no sign of any make-up products and showed carpets without any stains 

After being asked by one user what her son had looked like when he was found, Mollie shared a picture of her son with the caption: ‘His brows are on point’

One user wrote: ‘Omg my husband wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale but suppose it was worth it to get this gorgeous room.’

While another commented: ‘Looks beautiful now. Please lock your make-up away this time.’ 

Another user added: ‘Blimey he really went to town! It all looks lovely now though.’

Meanwhile another user questioned what the father had been doing and asked: ‘Let me guess your husband said it’s your fault shouldn’t leave it we’re he can get it.’

And another person asked:’What on earth was dad doing?????’       

The comical post has received an array of comments from users sharing their thoughts on the matter

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