Mrs Hinch shows off incredible treehouse for her children in huge garden

She's recently moved home to a sprawling five-bedroom Essex farmhouse, and cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch has been making swift progress.

Earlier in the week, the 31 year revealed her impressive plans for the huge utility room in the home where she'll likely store her Scrub Daddy and Minky!

And now the star has shown off the incredible treehouse ready for her sons to enjoy.

It's safe to say the Instagram sensation has a huge garden at her new abode, and positioned in the garden is a large treehouse.

The wooden treehouse has a platform to provide the perfect lookout over the gorgeous grounds.

Showing off the impressive build, the star penned: "I can't wait to get my hands on this treehouse that's here for the boys. It's so beautiful.

"We have lots of ideas for it! We've ordered a slide too so we can attach it to the side."

Mrs Hinch then asked her legion of followers for their help as she requested they sent her their treehouse inspiration.

And the treehouse isn't the only aspect of the garden fans have been afforded a glimpse at.

There's an area where logs are stacked, perfect to use for keeping the family warm throughout the winter.

Excitedly, she said: "Check out my wood guys. I absolutely love this log store in the garden. And now I actually have wood in it! It sits under a little shelter which I can't wait to tidy, rearrange and make pretty."

The garden also has a perfect view of the neighbouring field, where horses reside.

Peering over the hedge with cocker spaniel Henry at her feet, Mrs Hinch said: "This is the best feeling in the world, look, here they are, the babies! Henry loves them, they love Henry as well actually."

She added: "I literally stand here and just talk to them for hours with my cuppa. They've definitely taken to me more. I feel like they actually listen to my crazy feelings even though they're not mine. I love them being so close."

Mrs Hinch

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Sharing a sweet snap of the horse appearing to smile at her, cleaning sensation Sophie wrote: "I still can't believe I'm stood in our garden and get to see this little face. All it takes is one fur nose to start your day perfectly."

The cleaning sensation revealed the extraordinary story behind the home recently, and penned: "Truth is my parents and I have been driving past this house since I was 11.

"And we always said to each other, we wonder who lives in there, we even used to imagine here and what we could do if we ever did."

Mrs Hinch explained how her dad Alan had even researched the history of the home before she had Instagram and described how she cannot wait to make it 'special'.

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