Mum and son's rare condition means they have swirled blue and brown eyes

Elizabeth Tyler, 35, and her one-year-old son Liam Mexus, both have heterochromia iridium, which means they have two different eye colours within one iris.

This rare condition gives Elizabeth and Liam blue and brown swirls in their eyes.

While Elizabeth, a business owner and influencer, has blue and brown in both her eyes, Liam has one blue eye and one eye that has both blue and brown.

The condition runs in the family, as Elizabeth’s dad and siblings also have the striking feature, but of Elizabeth’s five children, only Liam has inherited it.

‘I love my eyes because they are unique. It’s okay to be different,’ Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth, from Ohio, US, is often asked about her condition by curious followers as she posts pictures of herself and her children.

While a lot of people now call the mum’s unusual eye colour beautiful, she used to be made fun of when she was young.

She’s keen to share photos and knowledge of the condition online.

‘I was often bullied while growing up and they were a normal part of my life but the response from others brought more attention to them,’ Elizabeth said.

‘My eyes were a common topic of interest when people who were not used to seeing them.

‘But now, (using social media platform), I feel blessed to be able to inspire others who have the same condition and may be uncomfortable with it.’

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