Mum uses ham to show how dishwasher tablets can burn through kids’ skin

A mum shared a horrifying video showing how a dishwasher tablet can burn through the flesh of children by demonstrating how corrosive it is on a slice of ham.

In the clip, mum Nikki puts a dishwasher tablet on a slice of ham, which is acting like the moisture and fats in human skin and tissue.

She then shows what happens after a few hours of contact, such as when a tot has eaten a dishwasher tablet, with the tablet bubbling away on the ham.

As the corrosive substances in the cleaning agent burn a hole through the ham, it is turned a yellow-brown colour.

Nikki, who is also a paramedic, uploaded the thought-provoking clip on her @tinyheartseducation Instagram page and said it was sadly very easy for kids to mistake dishwasher tablets for sweets.

In the caption, she wrote: "If this doesn't illustrate the danger of dishwashing tablets, then I don't know what will.

"Please store them safely well out of sight and reach in a locked cupboard."

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The sickening footage has been watched more than a thousand times and parents said they were grateful for the reminder of how dangerous simple household items can be.

One viewer wrote: "I'm pretty chill, but dishwasher tabs and button batteries? They scare me!"

A second fan said: "Thank you for informing the public on vital information like this and button batteries."

With her own nail-biting story, another viewer commented: "My daughter was so close to eating a liquid dishwasher tablet!

"Luckily I just caught her going to put it in her mouth."

A grateful parent wrote: "Wowee thanks for this info. I'll be moving mine right now."

This comes after a toddler had to undergo major surgery after swallowing a button battery and nearly dying from internal burns.

Unfortunately, the poor tot had found a pack of button batteries in a bedside drawer and chewed through the container and swallowed a battery, resulting in multiple lung collapses and heart failure.

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