My boyfriend says I cant go out in backless "shirt" but I dont see a problem

A curvy woman has left frowning when she was questioned by her boyfriend over her inappropriate "T-shirt".

Luna, 23, from the US, dressed up in a very breezy outfit to enjoy the warm weather but she was quickly sent back to her room after her partner's warning.

Posting on TikTok, the young woman comes walking down the stairs in her colourful, floral top and a denim short.

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"Let see if he likes my shirt!" she said.

Turns out her boyfriend is not a fan of the skimpy top as he stops her by the stairs, asking: "You seriously want to leave the house in one half of a shirt?"

The halterneck-style top looks just big enough to cover her breasts.

But Luna stands by her fashion choice and says: "What are you talking about? This is a shirt."

The frustrated boyfriend has to ask her to turn around, which shows two strings tying in knots and barely holding up the entire garment.

"See? I mean, come on," he tells Luna, who then gives him a frowned face and says: "I guess I know what you mean. Okay I go change."

And he affirms his comment: "Yeah you should."

The video cuts as she goes up backstairs.

Some viewers agreed with her partner and said the top is not catergorised as a "shirt".

One said: "Shirt? That's a bikini with space."

"That's a bandana and I love it," another pointed out.

But others said they wouldn't mind Luna's outfit at all, with one commenting: "Let's go, wear what you want!"

A person penned: "If I was you, I would make him wear your outfit and go outside to see what happens."

"You look awesome, screw him and let's go!" a third added.


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