My son is moving in with his girlfriend after just three weeks

DEAR DEIDRE: THREE weeks after meeting a woman, my eldest son is moving in with her.

I’m his mother and I’m 62. He is 42 and lives with me.

He’s had a few girlfriends before but nothing has ever come of it. He met this woman when she started working in the same office.

She’s single and 28 and he has already decided he wants to marry her.

She has asked him to move in and he is leaving tomorrow. I feel he is making a big mistake.

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I fell out with my best friend last year over her breaching Covid rules. We haven’t spoken since. Now I’m losing my son too.

DEIDRE SAYS: It must feel that way, but your son will always be your son.

He must feel certain this relationship is right for him – and if it isn’t, he’ll come back home.

Losing your friend must have been difficult for you but you did nothing wrong.

If you feel you’d like a new focus to stop you feeling lonely, try for ideas of where you can make some new friends.

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