NYC woman selling her entire wedding for $15K on TikTok

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Hey, you … wanna buy a wedding?

Well, now you can. New York City resident Mackenzie Newcomb is selling her Brooklyn wedding on TikTok. Newcomb’s Greenpoint nuptials are going for about $15,000 — and she’s throwing in most of the wedding fixings.

Newcomb had planned for a big shindig but — after moving out of Manhattan during the coronavirus pandemic — she and her now-husband said “I do” in a more intimate ceremony in Massachusetts, rather than the larger one she intended before the COVID-19 crisis.

She then went on the social media platform this week and advertised her fully-planned September wedding.

“Are you an engaged New Yorker? Do you have a low budget but exquisite taste? Does wedding planning give you hives?” Newcomb asked in her video.

#greenscreen are you an #engaged #NewYorker with a low budget, great taste and crippling anxiety over #weddingplanning? Just buy my #wedding instead!

She then added that her now-available wedding date was set for Sept. 18 at the Milk & Roses venue.

The restaurant comes complete with an outdoor garden, and Newcomb reserved 80 spots for the big day. The wedding includes food; a DJ from TCM DJ Events; an LGBTQ-friendly photographer named Jose Melgarejo; and floral arrangements from Wild Floral Design. Newcomb revealed more about the venue to Insider, saying the place has a throwback library setup with a “speakeasy vibe” and a “secret garden.”

In another TikTok, Newcomb said she actually paid around $25,000 for her wedding, but she’s asking for $15,000. “I was really surprised that I was able to plan something this nice with that budget,” she told Insider. “I feel like that’s definitely part of the reason why people are into this, they’re like, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe there’s a wedding for this price in New York.’ “

That price apparently is a steal — Newcomb said in a later TikTok video that she is “currently rolling in offers” — and on Wednesday she announced that she is now in the process of “narrowing down” interested couples. She also added that the venue had given “the green light” for the proposition, with some COVID restrictions potentially still in place in September.

While the only items not included in the package are restaurant tips and formalwear, Newcomb added that if the new bride was her size she could throw in her wedding dress as well.

Newcomb’s grandmother officiated her Massachusetts wedding, which was planned in only three weeks and included only family and no bridal party.

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