October 2019 Will Be The Best Career Month For These Zodiac Signs

Ready or not, there are career revelations to come. Now that structured Saturn and transformative Pluto are moving direct through their orbit, the month of October is time for serious business. Get going on those goals, discover where you’re at in life, and understand what you can and cannot change. You’ve reached the end of an internal battle, so it’s time to cash in on all you’ve learned. Can I get a drum roll, please? Because October 2019 will be the best career month for these zodiac signs, and they’re making waves.

The sun spends the majority of the month in harmonious, diplomatic, and social Libra, making October an excellent month for networking, partnering up, and working toward a healthy work-life balance. Be sure to spend time schmoozing at events, handing out your business card, and learning from the experiences of others in your field. Libra is all about seeing things through another perspective, so don’t be stubborn with your ideas. There’s always room for improvement.

However, on Oct. 23, the sun shifts into strategic, committed, and passionate Scorpio. Once this happens, it’s time to set your mind on something, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and get serious. When Scorpio wants something, it stops at nothing, so take this energy straight into your career concerns. As Scorpio season is supported by sextiles to both Pluto and Saturn, it’ll be easier to build a foundation and transform yourself from the ground up. Don’t be afraid of taking on a deeper sense of responsibility. Even more importantly, don’t be afraid of your own success. You’re more ready than you’ll ever know.

If your sun or rising happens to fall under Libra, Scorpio, or Capricorn, October is your month to make it happen. Here’s why:

Libra: You’re Forging A New And Improved Version Of Yourself

With the sun, Venus, and Mars moving through your first house of the self, October is a month of confidence, authenticity, and putting yourself out there. This is a powerful month to make changes about the way you express yourself and your ideas. If you want to take things in a new direction, the cosmos support your decision.

Don’t let any failures get in the way of your progress. Failures are progress, you know, so if you happen to stumble across a few, remember you’re simply one failure closer to success. Trust in your process and be patient, Libra.

Scorpio: Get Ready To Blast Through Bad Habits And Grow

As the sun, Mercury, and Venus surge through your first house of the self, you’re coming out of your shell and exerting your power over your career on a more pragmatic level. There is so much support guiding you forward, so use this energy to lay down the groundwork for something truly special. Start building one thing at a time and soon it will all amount to something big.

Even though there may be issues from the past that pop back up to haunt you, there is still a lesson to be learned from your mistakes. Face them head on.

Capricorn: The World Is Watching You In All Your Glory

This month, the sun, Venus, and Mars will light up your midheaven and show the world what you’re made of. There’s no way people won’t be talking about you and taking notice of your many accomplishments. Bask in this energy, Capricorn. Make sure you’re revealing what the world needs to see and radiating an image of strength, positivity, and the willingness to grow.

Not only will the world notice, but you’ll notice. It’s high time you start believing in yourself because you’re capable of more than you can even fathom.

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